How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Did you know that your WordPress Dashboard can be maximized to see the settings overview of your website? Keep reading to know how you can customize your WordPress Dashboard in an especially useful way!

Tips to Change the WordPress Dashboard for Your Benefit

Check Screen Options

Your Dashboard page should contain the settings or features that are key to maintain an active WordPress website. To make sure you have all the things you need on this page, go to your Dashboard window. From there, you will see the welcome message from WordPress, and in the message, there are custom options you can configure.

WordPress Dashboard

If you do not see this message, click Screen Options at the upper right side of the page. Tick Welcome from the dropdown selection. You can also use this feature to remove sections like At a Glance from the Dashboard page by simply unchecking the chosen options.


Create Quick Drafts for Your Posts

The Quick Drafts section is especially useful when you suddenly have an idea to write about for your blog but do not have enough time to complete it now. To create a quick draft, go to your Quick Draft section, enter the title and body of the post, and then click Save Draft.

Quick Drafts

You will then see the draft you saved under Your Recent Drafts column. You can also check the draft by going to Posts from your Dashboard menu and selecting All Posts.

Know the Status of Your Website

Checking the status of your website is crucial in keeping a good blog. To know how your website is doing, click the Site Health screen link.

WordPress Site Health

Check the messages on the page to see what activities you need to do to improve your website’s performance.

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Monitor Your Posts

Keeping track of your every post lets you know which type of content is highly performing and which is not. To do this, go to the Activity section and look at the posts you recently published, including the comments made by your readers.

Recently Published Posts

You might want to edit posts that need updates about recent events.


Knowing how to customize the WordPress Dashboard in the right way makes it easier for you to track features or settings you need to update.

The little amount of time you spend to monitor or update each setting or feature can make a difference in the overall performance of your website.

Configure your WordPress Dashboard now and keep up to date with the health of your website!

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