How to Create A WordPress Post

How to Create a WordPress Post

Posting in WordPress is a lot easier than you think. To show you how it is done, check out this simple and easy guide to make your first WordPress post a success!

How to Post in WordPress: Easy Steps to Follow

Step 1: Log in to WordPress

To start, log in to your WordPress account by entering your username and password. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your Dashboard screen.

WordPress Login

Go to Posts Menu

On the left side of the Dashboard page, you will see different sections including Site Health, Quick Post, Recent Comment Activity, and WordPress Events and News. Go to the Posts menu to start creating a post in WordPress.

Click Add New

Add New Post

Make a Post

To start your WordPress post, enter the title of your article in the title section.

How to create a wordpress post

Click on the next section of the post to write the body of your article.

Format a WordPress post

The good thing about WordPress is that it allows you to format your post into headings and then texts. In formatting your heading, simply highlight the sentence or phrase you will change and then select the type of heading from the Heading dropdown choice.

WordPress Post

Add Tags and Featured Images To Post

Enter the Category of Your WordPress Post

Once you are done writing your post, you can start changing its settings. Begin with Categories.

Select Add New Category and enter the right category for your post. If your topic is about how to make a post in WordPress, you can write “WordPress Tips” or any related topic for your article.

WordPress category

Click the Add New Category button at the bottom of this section. You will then see the category you entered marked with a check.

Selected WordPress Category

Skip Parent Category

Add Tags to Your WordPress Post

Move on to Tags. This section allows people to find similar posts on the WordPress blog like “WordPress Tips” and will list all the blogs that contain the tag “WordPress Tips”.

Write and add the applicable tags to your post, two or three descriptive tags at the most. Otherwise, you may get duplicate content penalties.

WordPress Tags

Select a Featured Image

Your post should have a featured image that serves as a representative image for your article. You can get an image from your computer or buy one online.

Once you have decided which image to use, click Set Featured Image or Add Featured Image and then click Select Files. Find your image and then upload it.

On the right side of your screen, look for Alt Text. Whenever you add an image to your post on WordPress, you need to fill out the alt text section. This allows Google to tell blind and visually impaired people what the image is about, so use a descriptive phrase that creates useful informative content.  

Featured Image

In the Alt Text box, write what the image is for, and for the Caption, describe what the image is about.

Click Set Featured Image. You will then see the picture you uploaded appears in the Featured Image section of the post.

Buy a featured Image

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Save and Preview Your Post

Upon checking that everything is good, you can save your post by clicking Save Draft.

Save a draft

You can also check your post in the Posts menu. You will see it marked as “Draft”, with the author, categories, tags, date, and even comments.

View Posts

If you click on the post from there, you will be redirected back to the edit page. Click Preview to check how your post looks.

Preview Pst

Because you are logged into your WordPress account, you will see a choice to Edit. This allows you to edit your post if you want more changes in the future. 

Edit WordPress Post

Publish Your Post

Once you make sure that everything is set, you can already publish your post. You can opt for publishing it at once or scheduling it.

Schedule a wordpress post

After doing all these, you simply press the Publish button to finally publish your post. You are all set!


With the steps above, you are on your way to finally make your first post on WordPress. You can add more photos to your post to make it look more attractive to your readers.

Get moving and start blogging in WordPress now! Your readers cannot wait to hear from you!

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