7 Best WordPress Frameworks

WordPress gives users access to tons of themes with various uses and designs. However, most of these themes are not created from scratch. Theme makers make use of the WordPress theme frameworks as base for their themes.

In essence, there are two types of WordPress theme frameworks. There is the in-house framework and a framework that can be used by just about anyone. The first is often used by theme developers to build their products. The latter is used to edit custom themes.

Many consider WordPress theme frameworks as the future of theme modification. To date, below are 7 of the best WordPress frameworks available at your disposal.

1. Cherry Framework

This is a versatile option that can also be used for building plugins. The framework of Cherry Framework is open source and free. Unfortunately, all its themes are priced at $75 per item (on average).

Nonetheless, some of its enticing features like modular structure are highly beneficial for developers because it gives them the luxury to work on several projects all at the same time.

2. Genesis

This is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks to date. Genesis provides a solid and secure environment for all products. Aside from having a superb framework interface, Genesis also comes with great themes.

The framework also provides custom templates as well as a theme customiser so editing the theme design is quick and straightforward. Users also have the option to preview a page through a one-click demo. 

What is even more impressive? The final design is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. The genesis network also comes with unlimited tutorials and updates and costs around $59.95. If you pay $499.95 for the Pro Plus version, you will get access to all the Genesis themes.

3. Tesla Themes

The theme framework of Tesla is one of the best options available nowadays. Tesla Themes has around 67 themes. It also comes with a flat UI toolkit which makes customising a breeze. One downside however is the Tesla framework is exclusive to its themes.

For $59, you can get the Tesla framework with a single theme. You can also get the framework with all themes for only $99. If you want to access lifetime updates and future themes, you will need to get the full package at $299.

4. Headway

One of Headway’s flagship features is having the option to set the interface layout according to how you deem fit. To give you more freedom with the design, its editor allows you to pick elements in your page.  You also have the option to change the colour and customise fonts to create something unique.

Headway also has another enticing feature—it allows you to have a backup using the Snapshot feature. You also have the option to set a checkpoint prior to making changes. If there is something you want to change, you can roll back to any snapshots you have created.

If you wish to use Headway’s standard package, you will need to shell out $89 annually. If you want to get access to all its templates, you will need to pay $199 a year for their deluxe package.

5. Gantry Framework

Apart from being free and open source, Gantry also comes with several exciting features. Gantry’s straightforward layout manager and intuitive interface gives you the luxury to modify a page effortlessly.

Gantry also comes with a mega menu support for navigation. It also has a particle system so you can easily configure content blocks on your site. Gantry does not only support its own widgets, but it also supports those from outside sources so enriching your page is easier.

If you encounter any issues, Gantry’s massive and active community support can help you easily troubleshoot and fix possible issues.

6. Divi

This is a favourite among business owners and with good reason. Divi’s plugins and child themes are designed and created primarily for commercial use. Pop-up notifications, restaurant menu plugins, and testimonials really stand out with Divi. 

On top of it all, Divi has a theme and plugin for WooCommerce. If you want to enjoy all Divi’s features, you will have to pay $147 per year. However, you also have affordable options available. Subscribing to the plan also gives you access to courses that can help you use Divi to the fullest.

7. Thesis 2.0

Thesis 2.0 is way better compared to Thesis 1.0. It also offers a user-friendly interface and modern design. Thesis 2.0 also comes equipped with the Thesis skin editor, alongside other helpful tools.

Thesis 2.0’s skin editor also gives you the option to customise how your pages look. Some of Thesis 2.0’s tools are also designed to help you optimise your site for SEO. Overall, it is packed with so many amazing features compared to its predecessor. 

Thesis 2.0 is pre-packaged with Focus and will only cost $100 annually.

Wrap Up

The importance of WordPress theme frameworks cannot be overstated. For starters, it gives you the option to build your website without the need to work from the ground up. When choosing WordPress theme frameworks, take into consideration the pros and cons so you can choose the best option for your site.

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