16 Best WordPress Video Themes of 2020

If your hobby or line of business is producing or selling video content, then you need a website that can cater to this specific need. You must consider that not all WordPress themes can support your artwork. You need a theme that gives the customer experience you want for your site viewers. 

Finding the best WordPress video theme can be a little challenging considering the many options available. The good news is we are making the selection a lot easier for you! We have compiled the best WordPress video themes you can check to help you pick the right one for you. Let us dive in!

1. VideoPro 


VideoPro highlights as being responsive on all types of screens. It gives you layout options that you can use for various types of videos such as entertainment, news, games, and movies. 

What is great about this theme is it integrates with YouTube and social media platforms like Facebook to let you share, import, and embed your content. VideoPro also lets you create a video series on your site where site visitors can check related videos of the content they are watching. 

2. VideoBox 


For online stores using WooCommerce, VideoBox is a great theme. It allows you to display videos about your products smoothly. Its homepage gives you a slider where you can show multiple photos and videos for your website viewers. 

Its design has a dark-coloured scheme and is extremely minimalist. This allows site viewers to focus more on your content.   

3. Focus 


Focus is ideal for displaying videos for both professional and personal uses. It also integrates with YouTube where you can easily migrate video content from the platform to your website. It has template options and a creative layout ideal for educational and blog videos.

4. The Producer 

The Producer

If your line of business is for professional use, this WordPress video theme is for you! The Producer is also fully responsive on all types of screens and displays high-quality videos. You can even add credits to the end of your videos for your designers, producers, and other staff members.

5. FilmMaker 


If you are a producer of your own movies and other types of videos, FilmMaker is the perfect theme for you! It gives you the feature of creating full-screen video backgrounds. It also provides you with a parallax effect where site visitors can experience a 3D cinematic effect on your every web page. 

6. Primero 


For videographers and photographers, Primero is an ideal WordPress video theme. It gives you the portfolio feature where you can show your artwork through customized galleries. You can also embed your videos and photos inline with your other content or texts.

7. Inspiro 


Inspiro is another video theme for professional videographers and photographers who want to display their content in a portfolio layout. It has formatting options that let you make custom slideshows for both videos and photos.  

Each slide has the video lightbox feature where your video appears on the screen as the background dims. This allows your site viewers to focus on your content. Online stores can benefit from this theme as well as it integrates with WooCommerce.

8. PhotoNote 


This WordPress video theme is recommended for professional photographers. It has a touch-enabled feature where site visitors can slide through your photographs. 

PhotoNote also integrates with YouTube, so you can add content to the top of your website. You also have the option to watch the video on full screen. You can choose from the light or dark background colour as well.

9. Fargo  


If you want to have your content in a gallery format, you can use Fargo. Its smart gallery lets you move from video to photo to written content. Your site visitors can also enjoy a 3D experience as they browse your page.   

10. Reel Story  

Reel Story

Reel Story is a theme for promoting your portfolio. It allows you to make a grid layout of three columns to display your artwork. 

It also has a projects category option where people can filter your work and look for specific content. This theme can support high-resolution photo and video content as well.

11. Vlog 


Vlog is created to support magazine and blog content. This WordPress video blog theme integrates with Dailymotion and YouTube to share videos easily. 

You also have the option to group related content, so site viewers can easily find related photos and videos. For your blog article, you can have your video’s thumbnail as the featured image. 

12. TheMotion 


TheMotion is also another video blog template. It has a feature that lets you test your content to see the changes in real time.

For each web page, you can add feature videos in two columns. The theme has a modern design as well with a video slider feature that lets your site viewers move through your videos.

13. Videoblog  


Videoblog is a magazine and blog theme as well. It allows you to list recent and featured posts on your site’s homepage. Your other pages have a two-column layout, so your content is aligned and organized.

14. Brooklyn 


Brooklyn is a multi-purpose type of WordPress theme. It caters to almost all types of businesses. Its drag and drop page builder lets you add videos in one click, making it easy to use.

You can also feature photos and videos and make video backgrounds on your pages. Your website can have a widget to add, edit, and format videos quickly.

15. Bridge 


Like Brooklyn, Bridge is also a multi-purpose theme. It lets you format videos in different sections. 

You can also edit transitions in your videos by including animations and fades. You can have a video slider as well for multiple video clips. 

16. Revolution Pro 

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro is known for being minimalist and responsive, so your site visitors can focus on the content more. It is made on Genesis Framework, so you can assure of easy configurations and speed. It supports the Gutenberg editor as well, so you can embed content in blocks.    


With our list above, choosing the best WordPress video theme is easier now. They have different functionalities that can support different video content businesses. Whether you are building your portfolio, promoting your video content business, or selling products online, our list has them all. So, take your pick and become successful in promoting your video content!

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