7 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins You Can Try for Your Website

One great benefit of using WordPress to host a website is its ease in extending functionality and improving usability. You can achieve these with the use of plugins. Activating plugins will not affect your website’s core installation but will make your site more valuable.

Managing projects in WordPress is one feature content managers and bloggers like about the platform. They can make sure that they can organize content more effectively to achieve optimal productivity. 

With the support of the many experts and developers, it became possible to create a WordPress project management plugin. But from the many options available, it can get confusing which one is best for you. To help you get the top picks, we listed 7 of the best WordPress project management plugins!

1. BP GTM System 

BP GTM System

This WordPress project management plugin allows you to add subtasks and main tasks to your dashboard. It also syncs tasks with various tags, categories, and projects. 

You also have the option to sort the tasks and tag them as completed or pending. BP GTM System makes changing of the assigned person per task easy. 

2. Kanban for WordPress 

Kanban for WordPress

Kanban for WordPress is a powerful and extremely easy plugin that enables you to create a full-fledged system for managing projects. It also has a dashboard with quick shortcuts and unique features. This allows you to edit and create WordPress projects using several clicks.

It also gives you the benefit of customizing a board based on the needs of a client. Then, you can assign your team to manage it. You can also have an estimate of the timeframe for each task and monitor the total time to complete a task.

3. Project Panorama 

Project Panorama

Project Panorama is popular for its intuitive but feature-rich interface. It lets you use visuals to make WordPress project management simpler and easy. 

You also have a communication feature to track a project’s progress. You can make unlimited project tasks and phases as well.

It offers both Lite and Pro versions. The Lite version provides basic project management functionalities, while the Pro version has a more detailed report on the status of your project. 

4. WordPress Task Management 

WordPress Task Management

WordPress Task Management is a paid WordPress task management plugin that functions at the back-end of your website. It gives you the features you need to manage projects. 

One is it lets your team track projects as they work on them. It also allows monitoring of a project for a single individual. The plugin can also create reports, integrate roles for users, and track the status of each activity. 

5. WP-Client Pro with PM Extension 

WP-Client Pro with PM Extension

This WordPress project management plugin is popular among business websites because of its high-level customizations. WP-Client Pro with PM Extension also updates regularly and lets you deactivate and activate permissions, commands, and functions. 

You can change the plugin’s layout, design, and colour, modify email IDs, and create new templates. You can even provide login credentials to your team, so they can manage their tasks more effectively using the plugin.

6. SP Client Document & Project Manager 

SP Client Document & Project Manager

SP Client Document & Project Manager is designed to be advanced but has an intuitive interface. It does not only let you manage projects but also allows you to manage files, accounts, and clients and collaborate documents. It also allows you to easily share, track, organize, and upload documents for your projects. 

You can even upgrade to its paid version where you can thumbnail projects and customize email notifications. It lets you import files from your Google Drive and Dropbox as well. 

7. WP Project Manager Pro 

WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager Pro is an open-source plugin that gives you features like file attachments, messaging, user assignment, and project creation. You can also leave comments on each task or project. 

You can opt for its premium version to take advantage of milestone tracking, a calendar, and expanded privacy settings. If you are running an online store with WooCommerce, this plugin works well with it.


These WordPress project management plugins help keep your every task organized. You can create, track, and complete each project with ease, so you can manage your business more effectively. So, try any of these plugins now and finish projects smoothly!

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