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The WordPress comments section is a feature for your blog to help you create a relationship with your readers. Configuring your comments to work correctly is beneficial to your website. To know how to manage its settings, check out our simple tips below!

How to Change the Comments Settings on WordPress 

The Importance of the Comments Section on Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress comments section allows you to know which of your blog posts are popular and what your readers’ opinions are on the content you are writing.

It also increases engagement for search engines, especially when there are a lot of comments on a post, because every comment made has the option to create a link back to the commentators’ website where, for example, more information relating to the comment can be found.

Although this is a good feature for your posts, some blog owners might prefer to disable it as it might be a business website where the owner has no time to administer the comments left. Therefore, it is important to learn how you can easily configure the comment settings.

How to Enable WordPress Comments

Enabling your WordPress comments is extremely easy. Go to Settings from your Dashboard menu and then select Discussion.


Check each section on the page and tick the options that you think are beneficial for your website. If you want people to comment on your new posts, check Allow people to submit comments on new posts. You can see this option in the Default post settings still under Discussion.

Discussion Settings

Click Save Changes at the bottom once you are done.

Save Changes

How to Moderate WordPress Comments

Comment moderation on WordPress is a feature that stops comments from appearing on your website without your consent. This is also good to stop comment spam. To enable this feature, tick Comment must be manually approved.

Approve a comment

To check for recent comments on your post, go to Comments from your Dashboard menu. Select the comments that you want to approve or move to trash or spam. Hover over to each comment and you will see these options.


You can also easily see all the number of posts you have for your blog. Go to Posts from your Dashboard menu and select All Posts. In the Comments column you will see the number of comments per post.

How to Disable WordPress Comments

To stop having comments on your website, simply uncheck all the custom options from the Discussion settings and click Save Changes. However, at times, WordPress still allows comments to appear on your website even if you already have disabled the settings. When this happens, you can use a plugin to completely disable comments.

Go to Plugins and click Add New.

Add New Plugin

Type “no comments” in the search box to look for a plugin to disable comments. Make sure the plugin has been updated recently.

No Comments Plugin

Once you have chosen the plugin, click Install Now and then Activate. Click Settings on the plugin, select the Everywhere option, and then click Save Changes.

You can also choose the on certain post types option if you do not want comments to appear on specific areas of your website like on pages.

Disable all Comments

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Whenever you select the Save Changes button, make sure to check your website if the changes made took effect by simply refreshing the page.

Receiving a large number of comments every day and having no time to maintain your website on a daily basis is frustrating, so it’s best to disable the comments section if this is the case.


Knowing how to configure your WordPress comments section and when to disable this feature is essential in running your website. The comments section can help you assess if your published content has high engagement with your readers.

Whether you enable or disable this feature, make sure it is beneficial for your website and the overall success of your business goals.

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