5 WordPress Certification Sites to Try to Boost Your Portfolio

Expertise in developing WordPress is a one of the popular skills web developers can master. WordPress is the dominant platform to host websites on the Internet. As of 2019, WordPress powers 26% of the Internet and has 59.4% share for the content management system market. Judging from the data, it is not surprising to know that many web developers or even users without coding background are wanting to be an expert in developing WordPress or its workaround.

If you are one of these hopeful people, a WordPress certification is what you should get. Having one boosts your portfolio, so you can attract more clients. Although there is no official way of getting WordPress certified, there are recognized third-party sources that can provide you with a WordPress certification that is free or paid. To know what these are, read on!

What Is a WordPress Certification?

A WordPress certification is basically a certification that recognizes your skills and expertise for a specific WordPress skill. It is given by web development agencies with a large audience and years of experience. These companies are doing legal practices, and some of them provide a free WordPress certification. 

Why Do You Need a WordPress Certification?

You can learn and master a skill without requiring a certificate for it. As long as you know what to do and you get the job done, clients are happy to work with you. However, there are circumstances that an official certification is useful, such as strengthening your CV or meeting formal requirements for promotion or a job application. 

If you want to secure proof of your WordPress skills and expertise, having a WordPress certification is an advantage. What you need is a reliable WordPress certification company that can provide you with it. 

In choosing the best one, they should offer professional teachers, good customer support, and a great course structure. If these are not met, they may not be worth the try. 

What Are the WordPress Training Courses You Can Try?

The companies that offer WordPress certifications have websites that offer training courses for people who want to learn WordPress. They can help you master anything about WordPress regardless if you are an advanced user or a beginner. They structure the courses well, so you can better understand each WordPress feature. Their services typically include:

  • Online consultation
  • Free tutorial videos
  • Flexible scheduling
  • The ability to build a WordPress website while learning
  • One-on-one classes with instructors for a specific feature you want to learn
  • Certified WordPress mentors

The common courses you can take are as follows:

1. Front-end Developer

This is a training course for people who want to become WordPress developers. You learn the advanced WordPress modifications and management. 

2. Administrator

This is for users who want to focus on creating custom modifications. You can manage WordPress and modify your page’s structure and theme. 

3. Manager  

This skill is for beginners who do not need to know coding. This allows users to know the best practices for SEO, the workaround of the WordPress dashboard, and the platform’s theme settings. Personal bloggers can greatly benefit from this skill.

What Are the WordPress Certification Sites?

Now that you have an idea of what training courses you might want to take, it is time you know the trusted websites that offer paid or free WordPress certifications.

1. Intellipat 

Intellipat offers classes that allow you to learn the peculiarities of plugins, content creation, configuration, and setup in WordPress. You will have 15 hours of training with an instructor, flexible schedule, 30 hours of project exercises, and a certification. They aim to give you a new career related to WordPress and set a higher salary increase from your clients after completing the course.

2. CanCalt 

CanCalt is a WordPress certification company dedicated to teaching advanced courses about the platform. You will get to know the following:

  • Website performance and speed
  • Multisite setup
  • Plugin and theme development
  • Core functions  
  • Installation

You will have to undergo a practice task and theoretical test that you need to answer. You will be given time to complete the task and test. 

3. WPacademy 

WPacademy provides tutorials for Google Analytics, SEO, and WordPress base. They will also give you quizzes and tasks to test your learning in analytical data, online marketing, and building websites. If you are aiming to become a WordPress manager, WPacademy is the perfect site to get certified!

4. Skillshare 

Skillshare offers a wide coverage of the skill set for WordPress. You can learn web development and design, blogging, e-commerce, SEO, and many others. You can watch free tutorials of both basic and advanced concepts of WordPress. They provide both free and premium courses you can choose from.

5. Udemy

Udemy teaches you on how to create commercial websites to increase sales, transfer WordPress from local to live, and build and configure WordPress websites. You will have 22 hours of tutorial videos, 17 articles, and 1 resource you can download. They target teaching people without the use of coding, which is perfect for users with no coding background.


Getting certified with WordPress increases your chances of getting more clients or landing a job quickly. These WordPress certification sites are trusted, so you can guarantee that your effort and investment are worth it. So, get a WordPress certification that is free or paid now and boost your portfolio even more!

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