47 Top Remote Work Resources

As the demand for remote jobs grows, we created a list of the top remote work resources to help you expand your knowledge and understanding about working from home. Remote work is slowly changing the way every business operates as it primarily gives both the employer and employees the convenience of how they manage work time and load. To help you transition your mind from working in the office to working at home, we categorized the items into several sections in the list of resources to be effective in a remote work environment to make it easier for you.

Remote Work Resources: Facts and Statistics

1. FYI

Our first research report is from FYI. They stated in their report that among the 486 remote-working people they conducted their survey with, 91% of them said that working remotely is good for them. What is even interesting is 96% of them would recommend working from home to their friends. 

2. Buffer

At Buffer, they asked almost 2,500 remote workers about how they find working remotely. Ninety-nine percent of them said they would want to work remotely at least some time in their career. Ninety-five percent of these respondents also want to recommend working remotely to others. 

3. Google 

Google conducted a survey to more than 5,000 Googlers and found that working remotely can still provide the same level of connectedness, performance, and effectiveness as working in an office. Individuals can manage a good work-life balance when working from home as they can prioritize a healthy lifestyle, such as getting enough sleep. This gives them the right energy and mindset for work.

4. TSheets 

TSheets had a survey on 500 remote employees, and they asked these people how their bosses would think of their productivity. Seventy-four percent of them said their employers believe that they are productive. Their employers were also asked, and 54% of them said their remote workers are productive.

5. LinkedIn 

In LinkedIn’s survey report, they found out that 72% of talent professionals are in favour of remote working. The platform believes businesses that allow remote working have a significant competitive edge than companies that do not allow work flexibility. 

Remote Work Resources: Books

6. REMOTE: Office Not Required 

Basecamp published a book called REMOTE: Office Not Required, where it shows how employers and employees can work together in a remote setup. The book contains profound advice and best practices for remote working from people who achieved business success in working with a virtual workforce.  

7. Company of One  

This book was written by Paul Jarvis that displays how staying small can become key to your success. It highlights the idea that your work can become more fulfilling if you work for yourself, managing your time and workload. The book has 15 languages now to cater to a larger market across the globe.

8. The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work  

Scott Berkun had worked at Automattic, a company notable for contributing to WordPress developments, and wrote the book. He explained what it is like working at WordPress.com, where everyone is following a remote workforce setup. He also shares how he learned about leadership, productivity, and creativity with a different type of workplace.

Remote Work Resources: Guides

9. Why Great Teams Embrace Remote Work 

Trello made it to our list of remote work resources. They created a comprehensive guide on how to set up a team for remote work. The guide contains advice, strategies, and tips to build a productive remote team from leading remote teams such as Evernote, Buffer, Zapier, Litmus, and Automattic. 

10. How to Grow, Manage, and Work with Remote Teams 

Zapier made this guide based on their experience growing their remote team. They are a 100% distributed company with more than 300 remote employees spanning 28 countries and 17 time zones. The guide contains lessons and stories they encountered and experienced as they work remotely.  

11. No Excuses: The Definitive Guide to Managing a Remote Team 

Hubstaff created this guide to help people run a leaner and more profitable business as they enjoy life outside work. The guide also includes why you need a remote team, how you hire your virtual team, and a successful management of your remote team. 

12. Remote Company Culture Guide for the Slack Generation 

For businesses that use Slack, a tool used for business communication and management of work and team, this guide is for you! Ahoy Team created this guide to provide people with real-life examples, tricks, and tips on how to create a culture for a remote business. It also has great advice from remote companies such as Automattic, Zapier, and Dribbble.

13. The Remote Manifesto 

GitLab created this guide to give people principles for modern remote-working teams. The guide aims to direct people to work remotely and communicate effectively. You will also find GItLab seven principles for modern teams working remotely so it’s truly an interesting read.

Remote Work Resources: Podcasts

14. Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg 

Matt Mullenweg is one of the co-founders of WordPress, and in his podcast, he promoted the benefits of working remotely. He also expressed the challenges of distributing work and recruiting professionals around the world to create a team. 

15. A Deep Dive into Remote Work 

This podcast is from James Beshara where he shares the advice about the best practices and pros and cons of remote work from Hiten Shah, an expert on remote work. Shah has been building businesses for years with people who work from home. He is also a great source for those who want to learn how to create a healthy remote culture.

16. The Remote Show 

We Work Remotely also featured Hiten Shah in this podcast. The podcast contains the culture of remote work and Shah’s views on remote working and an entrepreneurial journey. 

17. The Rework Podcast 

Basecamp also created a podcast about knowing a better way to run a business remotely. It contains stories of different business owners who embrace growing slow, staying small, and bootstrapping.   

18. The 11-Minute Podcast Report 

The Startup Chat created this podcast to give people a glimpse of The Remote Work Report 2019. It contains more than 150 tips from people working remotely that are divided into 13 categories. The podcast also states that although many individuals like working remotely, there are still challenges to working from home.

Remote Work Resources: Blogs

19. Lifehacker 

The blog is a list of articles about remote work that helps you find work you can do remotely, how you can start working remotely, tech issues you will likely encounter working from home, and many others. They update this section in their website regularly, so people can learn more about remote work.

20. Slack 

Slack is not only a tool used to manage teams and work, but it also has its own blog about remote work. You can learn news about websites, platforms, or businesses using Slack to reach out to people around the world, tips for using Slack to help with remote work, and many others.

21. Owl Labs 

The company created their blog called The Remote Work Blog to give people tips, strategies, and news about remote work. You can also ask assistance from them if you need support about their services and topics related to remote work.

22. Doist 

Doist created their website with a mission to provide people with ambition and balance. In their website, they have a remote work section where people can find articles about working from home, such as tips, guides, and techniques. 

23. Upwork 

Upwork connects businesses of all sizes to independent professionals, freelancers, and agencies. As expected, they also have a blog where you can find tips, how-tos, and current trends about remote work.

24. Miro 

Miro has a blog about remote work where you can find posts about collaboration trends, brainstorming facts, team management, and many others. Their featured images are creatively designed as well that gives a unique image of their brand. 

25. Hubstaff 

Hubstaff is once again on our list of remote work resources. They provide articles that help you manage your team remotely, improve remote communication, build a wonderful remote culture, discuss why working from home is better than working in an office, and many others.

Remote Work Resources: Remarkable Articles

26. The History, Evolution and Future of Remote Work 

We Work Remotely created this article to dig deeper into this type of work setup. It talks about remote work’s history, development, and future. It also highlights the importance of using technology in working from home. 

27. Common Fails in a Remote Software Team (and How to Fix Them) 

Despite the convenience of working remotely, failure in this work setup is still expected. Clubhouse published this article to discuss the common failures of remote software teams and how you can fix them. Overcoming these challenges will not hinder the overall performance of the team.   

28. Will Remote Work Ever Become Mainstream?

The Next Web answers the questions of whether remote work will be the trend in the future with this article. The post explains how companies succeed and employees feel in working remotely, the relationship between technology and remote work, and if remote work will become popular.

29. Why Naval Ravikant Thinks Remote Work Is The Future

AngelList published a post about its founder talking about remote work as the future of many careers and businesses. Their founder highlighted that companies are already starting to hire people for remote work. 

30. What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work 

Doist wrote an article that tells people what they have not expected from working at home. You may feel depressed, anxious, or isolated when working remotely. Despite these negative emotions, the article still states that companies should acknowledge the challenges of remote work, so people know that working from home is not entirely about convenience. 

31. Can Product Work Be Done Remotely? 

Product Craft discusses in this article that product work might have a lower percentage of remote workers than marketing and sales, which can conveniently work remotely. Despite this, a few aspects of product work can be done remotely such as focusing on customers to improve product. 

32. How to Work From Home – From Anywhere in the World 

G2 Learning Hub created a post about the basics of how to start working remotely. It includes the benefits and challenges of working from home, common terms used for remote work, and tips for working remotely. 

33. Why Remote Work Is Inclusion Work 

Abstract produced this article to let you know why working from home can be key to support local economies and diversify companies. The article states that working from home is primarily people-oriented because it gives people more time to balance work and life.

34. 10 Practices That Will Ensure You Succeed at Remote Work 

We Work Remotely provides people with practices they can use to successfully work remotely. The article also indicates that working remotely allows people to do their jobs anywhere convenient to them, without sacrificing performance and productivity.

35. The Future of Work is Distributed, But Not Easy. One Company Shares Their Playbook. 

Forbes also has its entry into our list of remote work resources. In their article, they interviewed Zapier and asked about the company’s success following a system of distributing work. The article also mentioned that although remote working may be the future of businesses, doing it can still get difficult. 

36. 9 Research-Based Facts That Prove Remote Teams are The Future of Work 

Time Doctor created an article about several facts that working remotely is the future of work. These facts were all researched based, which are supported by over 40 studies, surveys, and research reports. 

37. 36 of the Best Slack Communities for Remote Workers 

Owl Labs once again has an article to share on our list of remote work resources. The article talks about various communities in Slack that remote workers can join to find support and connect with others. Although Slack is primarily used for business, you can browse the platform to search for communities that have the same interests as you.

38. Working Remotely: A Complete Guide to Turn You Into a Pro 

Paymo gives people an article about how to start working remotely. The article contains the explanation of what remote work is, tips and strategies for remote working, the benefits of doing remote work, where to look for a remote job, and how to get one.

39. The Problems in Remote Working 

Medium featured an article from Ryan Hoover, a co-founder of Product Hunt, and the post talks about the problems people might encounter when remote working. He enumerated the common challenges experienced by remote workers with screenshots from these individuals’ social media posts about their frustrations. 

40. The Manager’s Guide to Payroll and Taxes for Remote Workers 

For individuals with managerial positions, this article from Groove can help you better understand the taxes and payroll for remote workers. The article discusses how remote workers are paid and some tips to make the payment more convenient for both the company and employees.

Remote Work Resources: Personal Experiences 

41. Ted Goas 

Ted Goas is a Stack Overflow designer where he creates better workflows for millions of developers. He shared that communicating remotely with the other team members is a challenge because of the different time zones, but by using the right tools to keep the members updated and organized, they have managed to talk to each other effectively. 

42. Mike Davidson 

Mike Davidson is the vice president of Invision, and he wrote an article about his experience working remotely in the company. He shared that working remotely can become complicated as you may face several challenges such as connecting with people, conducting meetings, and productivity. Although he highlighted these issues, he concluded that working individuals should have the option of working from home, so they can enjoy the convenience of completing their tasks at their comfort zone.

43. Matt Haughey 

Matt Haughey is a remote worker who has been into working from home for 16 years. He expressed that working at the comfort of your home allows you to have dedicated space for work. He also shared his tips to become a great remote worker and to create an environment that can be both healthy for work and life.   

44. Caileen Kehayas Holden

Caileen Kehayas Holden is a content marketer, and she wrote an article that remote working did not work for her because of her desire to work in an office-based environment. To her, having a face-to-face interaction is crucial in an individual’s work life. Despite her belief, she still expressed that remote work can provide great benefits such as happiness while working and health improvements. 

45. Jason Zimdars 

Jason Zimdars is a Basecamp designer who wrote an article about working remotely that gave him many benefits such as quality time with his kids and dogs and working with a friend. He emphasized that spending time with family and friends during workdays does not affect his working hours because he can manage his time more effectively with remote working.

46. Steph Smith 

Steph Smith is a remote worker for several years now and shared an article about her experience with remote work. She highlighted that working remotely should not be your end goal but the reason for your “why”, why you are switching to remote work. Smith also indicated that working remotely gives you space to reach your other goals.  

47. Emilie Schario 

Emilie Schario is an internal strategy consultant at GitLab, and she joined a webinar at Ally to talk about how working individuals can successfully work from home. She shared that when people work from the comfort of their home, they can work at their convenience that brings out the best in them. 


Reading or listening to these remote work resources gives you a broader knowledge of the ins and outs of working from home or anywhere convenient for you. These remote resources cover almost any type of resource you can find online, from reading blogs and articles to listening to podcasts.

It is also important to take note that working remotely may not be for everyone, as we have different working needs or expectations. So, before you bring your work at home, make sure you understand how working remotely works for your business to make this system key to your success! 

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