Migration to Innzone Hosting

Moving your website to Innzone hosting is easy and consists of the following steps.

Sign up for a hosting account with Innzone Hosting, once you received your account details via email open a support ticket with our helpdesk to provide the following information to start your migration process:

  • Details of your current hosting provider
  • Usernames and passwords to login into your account
  • Complete List of websites to be transferred
  • Complete List of Databases to be transferred
  • Location of your cPanel backup file
  • Name of your cPanel backup file

Once the information has been supplied to our help desk, you will get a ticket number, which serves as the migration reference number. 

We will make contact with your hosting company and start the migration process. Once we have copied over your cPanel account, we configure the database and other settings to make it compatible with Innzone Hostings configurations.

By default, we transfer the entire cPanel account

Once the testing has been completed, we will send you a ticket response informing you the transfer has been completed and the DNS settings can be changed.

You can then point your domain name servers to Innzone Hosting these are detailed in our knowledge base. DNS Propagation takes 24 hours to complete,

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