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If you are running a pest control company, your website is without a doubt one of your top marketing assets. Here’s an interesting statistic: 48% of people used a website’s design to gauge its credibility. In today’s modern and highly connected world, customers expect you to have a website for your pest control business.

However, having a website alone will not suffice. You need to have a superb website that provides the best experience–fast load times, instant booking capabilities, and accurate answers to every pest control question your online visitors have.

If you need a secure, mobile-friendly, and visually-appealing website that is SEO-optimised, we can help!

1. Web Hosting 

Topnotch and reliable hosting is an integral part of any successful website. Think of web hosting as an investment and one of the primary foundations of your pest control website.

You would not want to build your home on a shaky foundation, won’t you? In the same manner, you should not run your website with a mediocre host behind you.

We at Innzone Hosting are well aware of the importance of web hosting, so we made sure we provide a secure, fast, and reliable web hosting service you can rely on.

Our starter pack is at 2.95 GBP per month, and it comes with the following perks:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Cloudflare plans
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free migrations
  • 10 email accounts
  • 2 websites to host
  • 10 GB data transfer
  • 10 GB SSD disk space

2. Email Hosting 

Nowadays, there are countless email providers you can use for your business. While the idea of using them seems practical, it is actually counterproductive.

Sure, you will not have to spend a dime. But you often end up with email addresses that make your pest control business seem unprofessional. You will also have to make do with their very restrictive features!

We know how important a reliable email host can be to your business, so we made sure we provide an email hosting service that will bring you the results and conversions you are looking for!

Our plans start at 1.99 GBP per month, and we offer the following features:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free migrations
  • POP/IMAP ready
  • WebMail access
  • 5 email accounts
  • 5 GB data transfer
  • 5 GB SSD disk space

3. Web Design 

By now, you probably already know having a website alone is not enough. You need to have one that will best represent your brand!

This might not be common knowledge, but your web design can impact how people perceive your pest control business. Unfortunately, you often only have one chance to make a favourable first impression, so you have to make it count.

Included in our Website Design are 10 feature written blog posts that detail your services and are tailored to your location so your local customers can find you.

If you do not have the skills or the time to create a visually striking and well-optimised website, we got you covered! From layout, content, design, and search engine optimisation, we will take care of it for you. We even make sure your site is mobile-responsive to widen your reach and maximise your conversions!

Our web design service is £699.00. You also have the option to pay on an installment basis, just £116.50 each month for 6 months.

4. WordPress Hosting 

If you are using WordPress, you will find our WordPress hosting of massive value.

Configured to be highly compatible with WordPress, you will also get access to a vast range of WordPress management features that makes site management and maintenance a breeze for you!

We also provide free backups daily in case anything goes wrong. If you are transferring from another provider, that is not a problem at all! We offer migrations, so everything is effortless for you! 

5. Domain Name 

The importance of having a good domain name cannot be overstated. For starters, it will not only make your pest control site appear professional, but it can also help generate traffic and improve your search engine rankings!

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your domain name by registering it with us. Owning a domain name is as affordable as 3.84 GBP a year.

Our domain plans also come with 2 FREE email accounts, so you can start your email marketing as soon as possible!

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