The Best Part-time Businesses to Start

Starting a part-time business is not about becoming rich. The main purpose of having it is being able to do the things you love while making money. There are many reasons for having a part-time business opportunity. It can be that you want to spend more time with your family or other things you are passionate about. Regardless, doing both at the same time is an extremely wise move.

However, with the many part-time business opportunities out there, it can get confusing which ones to choose. To help you out, we will list down the businesses, both seasonal and year-round options, you can choose from. So here they are!


Seasonal part-time small businesses are those that operate at a certain period of the year. These opportunities allow you to do other things in the off season. 

1. Boat Rental (and Other Related Activities)

Boat or kayak renting is a great part-time business opportunity for adventurous customers. Many people prefer to just rent a boat or any water vehicle to enjoy many activities. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for this opportunity. If you live near a lake or river, this should be a good fit!

2. Food Stands or Trucks

Fresh tacos or ice cream on the beach is just one of the best examples for a food stand business. Selling something to eat on the beach or at a big fair is a great opportunity to get a good sale. When the events or activities are finished, then so are you.

3. Yard Maintenance

Keeping a yard clean and neat is a task many people do not have time to do. So, they hire yard cleaners to finish the job. Mowing grass and cleaning residential yards are a perfect part-time business opportunity. 

4. Irrigation Maintenance and Installation

If you have the skills or passion for plumbing or any related work, you can try the irrigation industry. You can install an irrigation system during spring and summer. Subdivisions are your major customers. 

5. Local Tour Provider

Depending on your target location, you can offer nature tours or guide tourists for hiking. You can even provide ghost tours for known haunted places in the area. This part-time business opportunity entirely depends on what the local area offers. 

6. Bed and Breakfast

This business opportunity is open only during your location’s tourist season. Tourists who are planning to stay overnight or for several days in your area are your market. They need a place to stay to sleep and a nice breakfast in the morning. 

7. Sports Instructing

If you have the talent for say, kayaking or skiing, you can earn from it. You can teach tourists how to do the activity as well as guide them. Selling your expertise will not cost any but let you earn money.

8. Halloween Costume Designing

Halloween is a big celebration for many retail businesses. So, why not take this opportunity to make business? If you have the skills to design costumes, Halloween is the perfect opportunity! 


This is the type of opportunity that allows you to operate your business throughout the year. It also lets you set your own time for other things without affecting your business.

9. Home Services

Property caretaking, cleaning, and hairdressing are some of the common examples of home services you can make as a business. For hairdressing, you can visit people’s homes or create your own shop to provide the service. You and your customers can agree on the time you will offer the service.

10. Design Business

If you are gifted with some artistic skills, you can do graphic, interior or web design. This business allows you to set your own pace when working. It also lets you decide on the volume of work you would like to do. 

11. Arts and Crafts

If you know how to do illustrations, paint, and other related arts and crafts, you can start a business with it. You can post your artwork online to promote them. Interested friends will be your first customers.

12. Consulting Business

Becoming a consultant does not need to be a graduate of psychology. You can become a consultant in any field. Use your expertise to start a consulting business. You might need some certifications to increase your credibility.

13. Skilled Trades

Skilled trades include electricians, welders, mechanics, and carpenters. If you have the skills in any of these, turn it into a great part-time business opportunity. You can undergo training to get certifications, but if you already have customers wanting your service, then you can begin your business without any.

14. Direct Selling

Avon and Tupperware are two of the biggest direct-selling companies. You can ask in your area if there are trusted direct-selling companies, so you can evaluate which ones you want to try. Make sure to research the company well, so you know if they are reliable or not. 


In choosing the best part-time business opportunity, make sure to do your own research as well. Do not just pick the business because it seems fit in your lifestyle. You also must create a solid business plan even if the opportunity is just part time. So, choose from our list above, and start earning while enjoying life!

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