Running My Own Business: Top 10 Benefits to Run a Small Business

Why should I run my own business? This is one good question you should start asking yourself if you want to reach your goals. With the many small businesses operating globally, there should be good reasons why entrepreneurs are investing in the industry. 

Based on business statistics as of 2019 in the UK, 5.82 million were small businesses, which is 99% of the total number of businesses in the country. What this means is small businesses significantly contribute to a huge portion of the economic growth in the country. 

With the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses are suffering from losses in their sales and revenue. This also means a great loss for the country’s economy. Despite this sad reality, entrepreneurs are always ready to bounce back as the benefits of running a business is worth the investment. To know the reasons why you should run your business, here is a list of the top 10 benefits:

1. You do not work for somebody else.

This benefit is probably the most obvious. You are your own boss, and you have full control over what you do with your business. You can also create a specific culture for your own business and make decisions on how to drive your company forward into the future. When you know how to effectively operate daily, you can organize your plans well, which can increase your success rate.

2. You create your own work-life balance.

One important factor for a working individual to consider is their work-life balance. Without the right balance, it can be unhealthy for a person’s physical and mental health. Many working individuals are experiencing this with working for somebody else. In contrast, if you own a small business, you create your own schedule. This way, you can manage your time efficiently for both work and life. 

3. You have the freedom to select your team.

Unlike working for somebody else where you are one of the candidates to be selected in a team, running your own small business allows you to choose your people. You can select the types of people who can best provide you with the type of service you need. Get those who can give you optimism and confidence to move forward to reach your goals.

4. You take your own risk.

Running your own business is already an extremely risky job. However, if you are lucky and successful, you will reap the rewards. What you should do is manage the risks properly, so you get a high success rate of getting the rewards. 

The more you take risks, the more you will learn from your experiences. It is important to be ready with the consequences though if it turns out bad. If this happens, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

5. You may challenge yourself.

Running a company is already challenging, but as an entrepreneur, expect to encounter different challenges as you move forward. Your daily tasks could change any time depending on some unexpected circumstances. When this happens, you can challenge yourself to create new ideas for your business. You will also learn from your new experiences, especially when dealing with solutions to problems.

6. You will have more freedom to pursue your passion.

Choosing your niche typically depends on what you are passionate about. If you have the right level of passion and drive for operating your business, spending long hours managing your company might be fun. You might enjoy the support and promotion you invest in running a small business. 

7. You complete your tasks quickly.

This reason is related to the previous one. When you are passionate about something, you want to get the job done right away. This is because you want to see the results and enjoy them. When problems occur, you would want to get to the solution for them as soon as possible. You also manage your schedule properly, so you can finish your tasks every day.

8. You can connect with your target market.

Small businesses have the benefit of connecting with their prospects and customers one-on-one. They have a smaller market than large-scale businesses, so connecting with each customer is not that difficult. You can make personalized campaigns much easier that are customer focused.

9. You can freely donate to charities and local communities.

If you are the type of entrepreneur who loves to give back to small groups, you can always do it by running your own business. You can choose the charities and communities you want to share your blessings to. Take pride in knowing that you are helping people solve their problems. 

10. You can be proud of something you built as your own.

The sense of pride in building your own business is one major difference when working for somebody else. You and your team take the credit for your success. You can also proudly share to people your success stories and tips to become successful to inspire them. People will be interested in you because you are a living proof of success. 


Running a successful business may be risky, but the rewards you will get are worth the investment. It may take a long process before you see your desired results, so you should be patient. If you are still undecided whether you will start your small business or not, take into consideration the reasons above. If you think you should not miss these benefits, then it is time you start conceptualizing your business!   

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