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BibiBuzz helps customers all over the world improve their search engine visibility through link building. I want to let you understand what link building is and how it helped me build my own successful business.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the method of obtaining links from other sites to your own. A link allows people to navigate between websites or pages online.

Search engines like Google utilize links to crawl across the Internet to index websites to get the correct content when people search for something online.

The way the crawler works is, the crawler finds the link, and then follows the link and scans the page to get an idea what the page’s content is about.

The crawler then looks for more links on the page and crawls them too. They crawl millions of links per day on millions of websites. If you are a website owner and want to rank your site on search engines, you need proper link building as one of your SEO activities.

This way, when people search for services you offer, they will find your website, and this allows you to gain more traffic.

Who Am I?

My name is Bibi Raven, and I am a link builder. When I was a social media marketer working for a global automotive trader, I was also doing link building on websites and ranking them on search engines. I did this to earn money, so I could replace my job and go full time into link building.

When I finally quit my job, I was able to create a great network of SEO professionals, and some of them wanted me to do link building because they trust me, they wanted someone with a great SEO experience, and did not want to work with automated tools.

This made me want to build links that are spam-free and safe.

How I Do Link Building

I created a website called BibiBuzz to give my clients a way to know more about me and my services. At BibiBuzz, we provide white hat linking building services to companies around the world, including Linkody and Truly Experiences.

Linkody is a website for tracking link building campaigns that allows users to:

  • Manage domains and links in one place
  • Determine bad links
  • Analyse link profiles using tons of metrics
  • Get insights on the link building strategies of competitors
  • Know when to gain or lose links

They offer a 30-day free trial to new customers who are interested to sign up to their page.

Truly Experiences is a marketplace for gift experiences from across the world. They curate experiences people want to experience through their gifts with luxurious designs and style. They include selling anniversary gifts, gift cards, and wedding gift lists.

My Link Building Benefits

We follow a step-by-step process in building links. Doing this gives our clients these benefits:

Increased customer revenue

We use a unique approach to help business owners increase natural traffic by using a transparent link building system. My team and I first take time to listen to the customer and what they would like to achieve.

We then analyse the competitors to understand what needs to be done. We want to see which websites are ranking for your keywords. Doing this allows us to determine which link building strategies your competitors use that we want to catch up and want to get ahead of. 

Conversion of traffic

We also create a custom plan for each customer, so you can then reach out to other websites that we know will bring referral traffic. The links placed on these websites bring in traffic that converts to help you make more money.

Live Reporting on Each Link

Our customers can see live reports to see how the project is progressing. This creates an easy-to-understand system for them.

Why Am I Working with Innzone Hosting?

I found the speed of their service much faster than my previous web host. The support they provided making my website much faster has allowed conversion rate to go up. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

If you think you need a reliable, fast, superior, and affordable web hosting service, Innzone Hosting is where you should be! Contact them and let them help you achieve your business goals!

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