How to Launch a WordPress Site: Steps to Build a Website Successfully 

Regardless of the industry you are in, launching websites has been made easy nowadays with the advancements of technology. Many web hosting companies offer one-click installations and easy website building. Despite the easier process, it still requires some steps to achieve a smoother flow. Today, we are going to show you 7 steps on how to launch a WordPress site successfully.

Step 1: Plan a Concept for Your Website

Successful websites on the Internet started with an idea. You can create a website for blogs, tech tutorials, travel, and many others. Each of these concepts or ideas should have a clear goal. This way, you will not be off track. 

If you are planning to start a new WordPress site for tech tutorials, for example, your ultimate goal should be letting people sign up for your services. To set a concept for your website, you can do these steps:

  1. Create a list of ideas or thoughts your website should focus on.
  2. Define your ultimate goal.
  3. Visualize who your target market is.
  4. Think about your website’s name.

You might already have the first and second steps, but the third one can be a little challenging. What you can think about is the people who can benefit from your website, specifically the content you will publish. This market should give you the number of traffic you want for your website.

Your target audience helps you stay focused on your ultimate goal. Also, your site’s name is a personal decision. It would be best to stick to a name that people can easily remember.

Step 2: Secure Your Site’s Domain

From this point, you will start looking at the technical side in knowing how to launch a WordPress site. You will begin with buying a domain, which is the URL address for your website. It is what people will use to find you online. 

Buy a domain from a provider like a web hosting company. They provide various additional services like hosting plans you can choose from, such as shared, cloud, or virtual private network hosting.

For Innzone Hosting, for example, you can choose from having .com to .biz. Our domain prices also vary on the URL address. Our lowest offer is at 3.84 GBP a year.     

Step 3: Work with a Web Hosting Company That Offers WordPress Hosting

The dominance of WordPress as a hosting platform is still unbeatable as we speak. Because you will be using WordPress for your site launching, it is important to use a hosting service dedicated to WordPress. This means working with a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting.

This way, you can build your site professionally with ease. With Innzone Hosting, we offer different plans for WordPress hosting as well, and our lowest offer is at 2.95 GBP per month. You get to install the platform in just one click with a free backup every day. 

If your chosen web hosting provider does not provide easy installations, you can install WordPress yourself. The process is extremely easy! 

Step 4: Create SEO-Friendly Content

Creating content for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes is extremely important in learning how to launch a WordPress site. In most cases, new websites’ content goes unread because it is still building traffic. But this does not mean you should not produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

It is hard to get large traffic when starting a website, but to speed up the process, you must apply the best practices for SEO to your content. First, come up with topics you can write for your website. You should write articles that aim to beat the competition on the same topic using quality content and SEO practices. 

On each topic, create a list of keywords you can use in creating the article. Keywords play an important role in ranking your website on search engines because they are what people use to look for relevant topics. Make sure to produce blog posts regularly, so search engines will recognize your website.

Step 5: Launch a WordPress Theme

Once you have conceptualized your content, it is time you move on to the appearance of your website. A WordPress theme does the job for this. It is best to choose a theme that represents your brand and the design you want. 

You can install a theme that is flexible, which can easily adapt to most types of sites. You can also opt for a theme that is specific for your niche. If you choose the former, you can get a theme that offers a page builder that lets you modify your design without needing a background for coding. 

Selecting your site’s theme could take some time because it may involve a long-term decision. Take your time in picking the right one, and then test it to make sure it works best for you.

Step 6: Install WordPress Plugins

Aside from your theme, you also need plugins for your website to enhance its functionality. Plugins allow your website to extend its functions to your advantage. They are add-ons that you pick based on the type of site you will create. 

There are thousands of available plugins for WordPress, so look around first and see which ones are useful for you. Get plugins that are updated very often because they offer the best security with the updated code. Also, look for those with four stars and above and with good reviews, so you can guarantee they are working well. 

Step 7: Plan the Things You Will Do for Your Website After It Has Been Launched

Before even letting your website go live, create a content calendar for your blog posts. You need this, so you have a way to track content published on your website. Once you have published your first post, schedule the next posts for a week. 

This way, you have time to write for more content for the coming weeks. You can also manage your time more effectively in working on the other aspects of your business. 

It is also essential to set up your social media channels on your website. This allows your site viewers to follow you on their social media accounts as well. 

Also, always remember to add a contact form to your website, so people can easily reach out to you. This way, you can also make an email list, so you can send newsletters and other campaign materials to your prospects. 


Nowadays, people with no coding experience can already build and run a website. But this does not mean you will launch your website without proper planning. If you want to successfully reach your ultimate goal, you should plan and develop ideas that can help build your website. 

For the technical aspects, you can always ask for help from professionals like us to make your life a lot easier. Just follow the above steps on how to launch a WordPress site, so you can carefully plan the success of your business!  

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