How to Hide a Page or Post Title in WordPress

Hiding a single WordPress page or post title might be useful for the appearance of your website. But, do you know how to configure this correctly on WordPress? Do not worry, we will show you how to in two ways!

Methods to Hide a WordPress Page or Post Title 

Why hide a WordPress Page or Post Title?

Hiding a page or post title has the following benefits:

  • Avoids visual redundancy – If you have pages that are for specific purposes, like Landing Pages, you do not need to add a title for it. The image or call to action of the page can already tell your website visitors what the page is about.
  • Not necessary for static homepages – In some scenarios, static homepages show a title for the page. This may not be needed because viewers can assume that the page is a homepage.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing – This is true for many e-commerce businesses when they have pages that direct to a selection of items. These businesses may also have a custom layout that may not need the title to be displayed.  

Now that you know the importance of hiding a page or post title, let us discuss each method to configure this WordPress activity on your website.

Use Plugins

You can use plugins to hide the title on a post or page, let us have a look at them in more detail below.

For Hiding a Post Title

There are two types of plugins that work best for hiding titles. One is the Hide Page And Post Title plugin that allows users to hide the title of a post, page, and custom post.

The other one is AMS Hide Page and Post Title that is a simple plugin, letting users hide the title tag of a post or page.

To install Hide Page And Post Title, go to Plugins from your Dashboard menu and click Add New. Type this “hide page and post title” in the search box.

Plugin Search Results

Once you see Hide Page And Post Title, click Install Now and then Activate on it. Go to your posts section by clicking Posts from the Dashboard menu and select the post you want to edit.

Edit Post

On the right side of the edit page, you will see more edit options. Find the Hide Page and Post Title section and tick Hide the title.

Hide Post Title

Click Update at the upper right side of your screen to save the changes made.


Click View Post at the upper left side of your screen once you update the post.

Post Updated

You will not see the title for the post anymore.

Post Title has been removed

For AMS Hide Page and Post Title, you can see the Hide the Title option at the top right side of your screen. Simply click on that and then Update to save the changes.

Hide the title in WordPress

One important thing to note is when you go to your Blog page, where you can see the snippets of all your blog posts, you might still see the title of the post you configured. Visit the blog post itself to see the title is removed.

For Hiding a Page Title

You can also hide the title of a page on your website. To do this, go to Pages from your Dashboard menu to locate the page you like to edit. Click Edit on the page.

How to hide Page Title

On the edit page, locate the Hide the title option at the right side of your screen and tick the box near it. Click Update to save the changes.

Hide the title

Click View page at the upper left side of your screen to check the page.

Edit Page

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Configure the style.css Data

Hiding all WordPress page or post titles is also possible by editing the style.css data on your WordPress. To do this, right click on the title and select Inspect.

Inspect the style sheet

This allows you to see the html code of the page where you can identify the CSS class of the title. The CSS class varies on the type of your theme, so therefore, it is important to check it.

Theme Style Class name

Go to Appearance from your Dashboard menu and select Theme Editor. On the right side of your screen, click Stylesheet (style.css). This section covers how your website looks.

Enter this code at the bottom of the style.css edit page (“entry-title” is our CSS class name): 

.entry-title {

   display: none;

} If you have a different CSS class, change the “entry-title” part of the code to its appropriate one. Click Update File at the bottom of your screen to save the changes.

Theme Style Sheet


Using plugins and configuring html codes on WordPress can help hide post or page titles on your website. Make sure to update the plugins you use whenever WordPress or the developer upgrades them so you can take advantage of their features.

Install the plugins or configure the settings of your WordPress now to make your website look more appealing to your market!

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