How to Embed a Google Form to Increase Sales

Planning to embed a Google form add-on to your WordPress website? Google forms are easy to embed and are beneficial for gathering customer information to boost your marketing strategies. They can be key to knowing various customer problems, so you can offer effective solutions to them. To help you learn how to embed the form to your website, we will show you a tutorial on how to do it and why Google forms are useful.

Why Use Google Forms When There Are Plugins for WordPress Forms?

It might be easier to use WordPress form builders because they are already integrated into your website. These forms can create user registration or custom login forms, accept payments, or display special offers.

But there are times when you might need only one form to share on various websites, platforms, to capture email addresses for creating email lists. This is when Google forms are of great use. 

Customer responses are stored in your Google Drive, keeping important information in one place. Whenever there is a customer response, Google Drive automatically updates the information. You can connect a service like Zapier to update your CRM or email autoresponder whenever your form is updated. 

You can also add collaborators to access the information to help you work on Google form responses. 

Expect thousands of entries for a single location if there are a lot of people responding to the form. Google forms ensure you get the job done and are mobile-friendly and easy to share.

How to Embed a Google Form to Your Website

To get started with embedding a Google form to your WordPress site, you need to create or select the template for the form in the Google Forms website.

Check the available Google form templates if any of them fits the type of form you will use. If there is none, you can simply create it from scratch by choosing the Blank form option. 

For our example, we will use the Job Application template. You can change the heading title for the form and then add some description to it.

Google Form

On the side of the form, you will see a sidebar with different buttons. Check each button to see which feature you need in editing the sections of the form. 

Add Title and Description

Fill in the necessary details or questions for each section carefully. You can also enable the Required button if a section is necessary to fill in by your customers.

Edit a google form

If you want to remove or duplicate a section, you can simply click the delete or duplicate button at the bottom. 

Required information

You can also customize your theme by clicking this button at the top:

Customize the look of the form

Once everything is done, you can preview the form by clicking this icon:

preview your form

If you think the form is complete, click the Send button at the top to get the link for the form. Copy the link from the pop-up box. 

Embed a form in wordpress

Log in to your website and add a new post

add a new wordpress post

Place a title for the post and then paste the URL you copied in the body of the post.

Contact us page

Click Save Draft to save the post. If you preview the post, a Google form should already be in there. 

Contact us form

People can click the Next button on the form to go to the next section until they complete filling in the details needed. 


Google forms are extremely helpful for using only one form for multiple websites because you can store people’s responses in one location. Embedding the form is also easy; you only need to create the form and then copy-paste the link for it to your WordPress website.

Before creating the form, it would be best to make an outline of the content on a separate writing tool first, so it is easier for you to complete the form on the Google site. Start creating Google forms now using our guide to increase conversions!

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