How to Create an Email Address

Sending and receiving emails daily are part of the everyday routine of a business, but do you even know how to create an email address? If you want to know how to, here is a step-by-step guide you can follow!

Steps to Create an Email in cPanel

Step 1: Create an Email Account in cPanel

Log in to your control panel, scroll down to the Email section, and click Email Accounts.

Email Accounts

On your Email Accounts page, click +Create on the right side of the screen.

Create a email address

You will then see your website in the Domain. Fill in the details for your Username and Password.

You can click Generate to help you create a strong password. Copy the generated password to a secure location in your computer so you will not forget it. This saves you the hassle from resetting another one.

Generate a password

However, if you missed to store your password and forgot about it, you can just reset it by generating another password to overwrite the old one. You can do this by clicking Manage on your email account information row on the Email Accounts page.

Email Security

Step 2: Manage Your Email Account Settings

Once you have successfully created an account, you will see that listed under the Email Accounts page.

List of email accounts

From there, you get to have three options to configure your email: Check Email, Manage, and Connect Devices. Click Manage first.

You will then see the Storage Space that tells you how much space you can allow in your mailbox. Automatically Create Folders for Plus Addressing is where your sent items, inbox, and other folders in your email are set. The Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client option is when you start an email box for your clients.

Create a email address

You have more options as well, such as Free up Email Storage, Manage Email Filters, and Send Automated Responses (when people send you an email, they will automatically receive a response).

Create more email accounts

Click +Create at the bottom once everything is set. You will then see a message that the email creation was successful.

Step 3: Set up Your Email Account to Connect to Your Email Application Program

To connect the email, you created to your email program, click Connect Devices.

Connect Devices

Under the Mail Client Manual Settings section, make sure to choose the SSL/TLS Settings because it is very secure and cannot be hacked. You can also see the details of your email account in this section.

SSL Email Settings

Under Email Instructions, you can send an email to any email address by entering the information in the box. For example, you can place your personal email address and click Send to send some instructions to complete an email setup to that email.

Email instructions

You can also download the email account information to your local drive. Choose the appropriate protocol to download or select IMAP.

imap instructions

Click Proceed on the pop-up message and you will see it downloading. Once the download is complete, open the file to install it automatically.

Email Configuration

Step 4: Go to Your Email

To check the email you created, go to Email Accounts, and click Check Email.

Click Open in the Open your inbox section.

Roundcube email

You will then see your email window. Click the message to see the configuration you set.

Manually configure email

If you want to send an email, click Compose at the upper left side of the screen.

Email Inbox

Enter the email address you want the email to send to, the subject, and then the body of the email. For the Editor type, you can either choose Plain text or the HTML version.

You also have the options to Return receipt and get Delivery status notification once the email has been sent. Check other functions on the body of the email, too, such as the attachments for images and other files. 

Send a test email

If you tick the Open my inbox when I log in option, it allows you to directly get into your inbox folder when you click Check Email from your Email Accounts page in the control panel.

Open my inbox

Step 5: Configure Your Email Settings to Connect to Multiple Devices

It is always easier and convenient to access your email anywhere at any time. So, you should set up your email to connect to multiple devices.

From your email window, go to Webmail Home at the upper right corner of your screen.


You will be redirected back to the “Open your inbox” page. On the right side of the screen, you can select the devices you will use the email with and then enter an email address that you can send the configuration information to. Click Send.

Setup email on your device

Click Automatically configure my device and you will go back to the Connect Devices page.

Automatically configure my device


Learning how to create a professional email is important to manage client emails. The key to do this is to use cPanel to create an email address that you can use to generate leads through email marketing.

Create your business email now and contact potential clients quickly!

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