Discover 3 Ways To Backup WordPress

We discuss three ways to backup WordPress, that are quick and easy to do. We cover backing up WordPress from cPanel, FTP and WordPress itself. Let us discuss how you can do this easily today.

Software Programs to Back up WordPress

Locate FTP Accounts in Your Control Panel

Go to your control panel and navigate to File Manager. Find FTP Accounts and click on it.


On this page, you will create an FTP account, so fill in the necessary details, that is, your Log In and Password. Leave the Directory blank because you will be using the default one. Click Create FTP Account to successfully create your account.

Add AFTP Account

Utilize CoreFTP to Copy and Paste Files

Once your FTP account is created, click Configure FTP Client from your account details row.

Configure your FTP

You can use the software CoreFTP to back up the entire public_html folder. This means you will connect through FTP and copy or backup WordPress to your local drive.

FTP Configuration

Download the FTP Configuration File and then go to CoreFTP. Click Site Manager at the top and select Import and then CoreFTP.

Choose the FTP Configuration File you downloaded. Enter your FTP password if it is required.

Create a new folder in your c:/ drive for your WordPress backup. Go back to your FTP program and do a refresh on the left side of the screen. You will see the backup folder you created on your local c:/ drive.

Find the public_html folder on the right side of your screen and then click on it to enter the folder. Select all the files inside it, right click, and choose Select All and then Download. Allow several minutes for the copying of the backup WordPress to your local folder to complete.

Control Panel

Another way is to do the WordPress backup through your control panel.

From your control panel page, scroll down and click the WordPress icon in the Softaculous Apps Installer section.

Softaculous App Installer.

Once you are on the WordPress page, scroll down and click on the “folder” icon, which is “backup.”

Backup Options

Type the title of your backup file in the Backup Note box. Click Backup Installation at the bottom.

Backup Location

Check the backup folder you created by going back to the control panel and clicking File Manager. You will see a softaculous_backups folder, which is your backup file for WordPress.

softaculous backups

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Does my host back up my WordPress? To know the answer to your question, you must contact your web host provider, but most of these providers usually do. Innzone Hosting provides backups by default for all customers.

Many providers are using the cPanel software to back up WordPress. If you want to know how to do it, check out these steps:

Log in to your cPanel account and go to Backup Wizard under Files.


On Step 1, click Full Backup, and the second step should be Home Directory. Click on the File link to start downloading. You are done!

Full Backup


Having a backup for your WordPress database gives you the opportunity to take action when technical issues occur, or mistakes happen. Spending a few minutes copying backups is easier than spending hours to figure out a solution to a problem when a disaster strikes.

Choose from the above options to back up WordPress and become creative and productive with your website without worries!  

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