My Hobby in Photography Led Me to Web Design

Web design and photography are a good combination to create an artistic type of business. What is interesting about my line of business is not just artistic; it is a service that people today are eager to experience more of online.

More small businesses need to get online, I believe there will be an increase in demand for companies looking for website creation and lead generation. Interested to learn more about me? Allow me to tell you a story!

How I Started My Business

My name is Mark Johnstone. I started web design because I took up a hobby in photography and needed a website. I then learnt how to create a website in WordPress, and that is when I built

I looked at how I could improve my Google search ranking, which put me onto the path of learning SEO. I also work in the IT industry and have done so for the past 5 years. I would like to be making enough money to give up my day job and concentrate on building my business and increase my knowledge about SEO and digital marketing.

This will allow me to help small businesses to become successful.

About My Services

At Web Designs Glasgow, we cater to different website-related services, that is, web design, lead generation, SEO, and digital marketing. I want to briefly discuss what we can offer you in each service, so you know you are looking at the right company to help you with the technical aspects of your business.

Web Design

We primarily design your website based on the type of business you have, regardless of the platform, we can make it from scratch or update your existing website. Our team has access to beautiful and high-quality images that perfectly fit your website.

We can make or update your website to be fully responsive, making it compatible with mobile phones, tablets, or even TVs. This helps boost your website’s SEO aspect and increase user engagement.  

We offer web design packages that are quite competitive. We can also help you with a one-off development task, like if you want something to be changed, fixed, or updated.

SEO Services

You heard me saying SEO earlier, and if you do not know what it is, it means search engine optimization. SEO is a way for search engines like Google to make sure people can find your website online using related keywords.

This means you must apply various SEO practices, like adding relevant keywords to your content, so search engines can rank your website. This means letting it appear first in the search results.

To help you with this, Web Designs Glasgow can get it right for you! Our team uses the latest SEO tools to pick the best keywords for your niche. We offer SEO packages that run for 6-12 months, and we review the ranking of your website after the first 3 months.

Ranking your website first on search engines is our priority. This helps generate a lot of leads to your site, providing you with a good launching point for your business.

Graphic Design

Looking to get a graphic design service? Web Designs Glasgow have you covered! We can work with any digital design, such as adverts, social media banners, and business flyers. Social media today is a powerful tool to promote your brand, and we take advantage of that at Web Designs Glasgow.

For this reason, we created a new service called “video promotion,” where we create and design a video slideshow about your business. You can post it to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Web Maintenance

If you simply want website maintenance, we can also give you a fair offer each month. We have packages that can add or remove sections or items from your website for a certain period, depending on your chosen plan. With our site maintenance service, we can give you the following:

  • Updates on WordPress software and plugins
  • Regular backups for your website and MySQL database
  • Having someone to run and maintain your website

Do Not Forget! I Am a Photographer, Too!

I know – you might have been excited by my website-related services. That is okay. I would still like to talk a little bit about my photography service.

I provide an extensive one2one service. What this means is I like candid shots because I love capturing the event, that moment, and your smile, with the light available.

I offer the following photography services:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Pet
  • Events
  • Portrait
  • Product
  • Commercial
  • Special occasions like wedding and parties

Why Am I Working with Innzone Hosting?

Who is Innzone Hosting? They are a web hosting company that I am working with right now for additional technical support for my websites. They offer fast, reliable, affordable, and superior web hosting services with 24/7 word-class support.

If you are like me and need the type of web hosting support, I mentioned, join Innzone Hosting! They provide packages that perfectly fit your budget. Hurry and contact them now!

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