Halloween Business Ideas That Retail Statistics Suggest

There are a few days more to go before Halloween. People are already getting busy preparing for this yearly celebration. You will see various decorations in many houses and commercial buildings even when on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Halloween is one of the biggest events people around the world are celebrating. 

In the business sector, Halloween generates lots of revenue. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this time to sell more. It is therefore a perfect celebration of the year to start a business. There are many Halloween business ideas you can try, from creating costumes to selling alcohol. 

However, to get a high sales rate, you need some retail data, so you know which products or services are in demand. To help you out, we will show you the Halloween business ideas that are based on retail statistics. So, let us dive into it!

The Growing Halloween Market

One major reason why Halloween is a good season to sell is it is an evergreen and growing market. A report stated that the British were expected to spend more than £470 million in 2019 for Halloween. It also highlighted the significant increase in spending from 2013, which was around £230 million only. 

In the same report, around 25% of Brits are purchasing pumpkins for Halloween. What this means is there were around 17 million pumpkins bought from the 2019 Halloween. So, for businesses selling pumpkins for Halloween, they can expect at least 90% of their supply will be bought. If they add costumes, candies, or decorations to these pumpkins, their sales will even go higher. 

Halloween Is Also for Adults

Kids are not the only ones who are excited for Halloween. Adults are also into it because of parties and other Halloween-related events. Huge parties requiring costumes, for example, are now becoming popular. What this means is this can be a great business opportunity for you. 

Although sweets and chocolates are the most purchased products in the UK during Halloween, fancy dresses are also popular. In 2017, there was around £166 million clothing sales recorded. Entertainment and decorations were also around £77 million and £99 million.  

Halloween Businesses to Try

Now that you know the sales potential during Halloween celebration, it is time we talk about the business ideas you can try. Firstly, you should start by researching the most popular products or services during the celebration. Selling candies and pumpkins is one profitable Halloween retail business. However, there are already too many large-scale companies selling them. 

What you can try instead is selling your services for Halloween decorations or costumes. Decorations and costumes are also in demand on the market. Although there are restrictions and lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, people will still decorate their homes and wear Halloween costumes. Examples of business ideas you can try are as follows:

1. Offering In-house Children Parties Instead of Having a Trick or Treat

Trick or treat is already common during Halloween. So, instead of giving kids candies and sweets, offer residential homes an in-house children party. This type of business idea is a package of different services, which are as follows:

  • Foods
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Rewards (for best costume, etc.)

You will need a team for this package of services. Or you can organize this and contact other businesses that offer food, games, entertainment, and rewards for kids. Make sure to advise clients to observe proper social distancing while hosting the party.

2. Providing Decorative Services to Both Residential and Commercial Premises

Offering people to decorate homes and commercial establishments is a great business opportunity for the celebration. People might prefer to pay for a decorating service, especially if they do not have time to decorate their premises. You will need to conceptualize with the owner of the house or commercial establishment for the theme of the decoration. 

3. Creating Authentic Costumes for Adults

This is perfect for adults who will be attending Halloween parties that require costumes. You can work with your clients on the concept of their costumes and come up with an authentic and unique design. You can even make costumes for a group of friends or companies that host Halloween parties for their employees.

4. Offering Halloween Music for Parties

If you are a disc jockey (DJ), this is the perfect Halloween business idea for you. Halloween events and parties are your primary market. Provide your clients with the best spooky but fun music they can enjoy. 

5. Holding a Virtual Costume Contest

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, some Brits will only need to celebrate Halloween in their homes. If you are living in one of the areas on lockdown, you should not be sad. Take this opportunity to earn.

Use your social media accounts to host a virtual costume contest for your followers. What you should do is create costumes and sell them online. Let the buyers take a photo or video of them wearing your costume and send it to you. They can add accessories to the costume when they take the photo or video. 

Post their images or videos on your page, and let your followers be the judge. The one with the greatest number of reactions or likes and shares should be the winner. Reward the winner with a cash price or a product from your store.  

6. Hosting a Zoom Party 

Virtual parties will be the best option for 2020’s Halloween due to the pandemic. So, use Zoom to host your own party and earn money. Let your customers wear their favourite Halloween costumes as you video chat with them. They can also share what they have during the celebration and how their experience is with the lockdown. 

You can offer a raffle draw during the Zoom party. People can buy slots for the draw to be considered as participants. Prepare the grand and consolation prices for the raffle draw. Your prices can include Halloween costumes, decorations, or treats. 


Looking into starting a business or selling your products and services during Halloween is a great career opportunity. You get to secure a high sales rate if you know what to sell. By looking into some retail statistics, you will have a better direction of knowing which trends are most profitable during the celebration. 

Parties observing social distancing will still be profitable, although they are minimal. Also, maximize the use of video chat tools like Zoom to host your business-related contests or raffle draws to ensure income even when on lockdown. So, choose from the Halloween business ideas above and earn money during this pandemic!

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