Green Business Ideas to Try

Have you heard about green business? It is a type of business that aims to provide a positive influence on the community and environment. It practices business techniques that show commitment to a sustainable and healthy future. 

Green businesses have two advantages over other types of career. First is environmentalism is growing fast. What this means is when you start or switch to a top green business, it can be profitable because there is an increasing market for it. The second advantage is owning a green business is satisfying. You could contribute to the promotion of a healthy environment.

With these advantages in mind, having a green business is beneficial for both your financial and environmental sustainability. If you are interested to know some green business ideas, we will list them down for you here. So, let us get to know each in detail!

1. Small-Space Gardening

Knowing our food sources and how our foods are processed is a growing concern. This led people to find ways to grow their own food in their homes. 

One organization that promotes building gardens at school is Big Green. It was founded by Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk who were inspired by school gardens. Building gardens at school increases the chances of children having more access to nutritious foods to improve their academic performance. 

You can take this opportunity to make business by starting small-space gardening. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Organic compost soil and worm farming – You can cultivate your own and sell this to residential homes with gardens. 
  • Garden designing – If you have the skills to design a space for a garden, you can make business from it. One common example is installing a rooftop garden.
  • Seed Supplier – For customers who lack the supply for growing plants, you can become a seed supplier to them. Work with local farms that sell seeds for small-space gardens. 

2. Solar Energy Business

Traditional energy sources continue to become expensive. Therefore, more people are looking at investing in eco-friendly energy sources to cut back on their costs. This is also an opportunity for you to start your own solar energy business. 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is known for his admiration towards the sun. He has created solar projects that are now gaining much interest and revenue. Tesla offers a solar roof that turns sunlight into electricity while complementing a household’s architecture. You can get inspiration from his extraordinary business ideas

Invest in solar energy machinery, the skilled people to build your workforce, and your facility to produce the devices for solar energy. You can target both residential and commercial users who are transitioning to solar power as an energy source. 

3. Eco-friendly Products for Cleaning

Cleaning things is everywhere, from house to vehicle cleaning. However, many cleaning products on the market have harmful ingredients for both our health and the environment. Because of this, people are looking at other products with healthier ingredients on the market. So, take advantage of this opportunity to start your own business by becoming a seller for eco-friendly products. You can start with environment-friendly laundry products.

4. Local Selling for Your Eco-products

People in your area might want to know where to buy local eco-friendly products. You can use this as an opportunity to make your green business. Earth Ant is already doing this type of business. They offer local products made of natural ingredients. 

Think about the green products you will produce. You can work with local stores in your area to help sell your products. You can sign a business agreement with the store on the percentage they want from your product sales. 

5. Consulting Business for the Promotion of a Healthy Environment

Becoming a consultant requires expertise. If you do not have the complete knowledge of helping people start their green business or how they can live in an eco-friendly way, then you might need some form of formal education for it. You can research on the Internet for online courses or training to become a “green” consultant or check in your area for certified organizations that offer “green” training. 

Once you become a certified “green” consultant, you can then start your own consulting business. What you will be doing is providing your clients with action plans by checking and analysing their environment. For example, a residential client might be consuming more energy than needed for their cooling and heating systems. You will advise them how to use energy more effectively and to utilize natural energy sources, like solar, as an alternative. 

6. Bike and Scooter Business

Transportation is another aspect that contributes to an unhealthy environment. Smoke released from vehicles has toxic elements that are not healthy for us and the environment. To help minimize air pollution, you can be a supplier for bikes and scooters in your area. Work with a trusted manufacturer, so you can resell high-quality products. Electric bikes and scooters are a popular option. 

7. Green Building Business

This sustainable business idea is rapidly becoming popular nowadays. Green buildings use all types of green products or systems. This is a great opportunity to create your own business. You can become a designer, architect, or construction company for green buildings. If you are a building designer, you focus on using materials that are less destructive for the environment.


These green business ideas are a great way to start your contribution for the wellness of the environment. Owning an eco-friendly business allows you to earn money while also caring for the environment. It is an ideal business opportunity for new entrepreneurs and for those who are planning to switch to another industry. So, choose from our list of green business opportunities above and start achieving your “green” goals!

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