Frequently Asked Questions

Will InnZone provide reseller support to my clients

We only support the reseller. If your customer has questions or support problems you will have to support them. Don’t worry if you need help we are here to answer your questions if you get stuck.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We process all payments through Paypal. It is easy and we prefer it.

What will happen with my domain name included with my hosting package after 1 year?

You will be sent automatic reminders to renew your domain 1 month before the renewal date. You will then be send subsequent reminders leading up to the date of expiry. When you renew you can choose the renewal time period normally up to five years on .COM and .CO.UK. After you have done that then you have no further worries.

Is it possible to order hosting/manage without a domain name?

You can order hosting services from us, if you already have a domain, that you can forward our Name Servers. If you don’t have a domain or buy a domain through our system, then we won’t be able to offer you any packages at this time.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting can be explained as follows. Your website has to live somewhere just as you do. Instead it lives on a hard drive in a server and it has a ip address associated with it, just as your house or apartment has a number. To make it easier the IP address is given a name which is the domain name which is a lot easier to remember the a block of numbers. When people type in your domain name, they are then able to find your website. Its like magic but better.

What is a Control Panel

We offer cPanel, cPanel allows you to install Apps like WordPress or Joomla. It also allows you to create and modify email address and see web visitors to your site.

What are the charges if I exceed my bandwidth?

We use systems to detect bandwidth usage and will notify you well in advance if your account is using excess bandwidth.

How can I monitor my server status?

In your account control panel, you can see announcements of any planned outages and updates regarding server health.

How can I see my web site's error logs or raw access logs?

These logs are available via Cpanel which comes as default on every account.