5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels to Promote Your Brand Successfully

Digital marketing has rapidly evolved over the years as it takes brand promotion to a different level. Many businesses are extending and strengthening their marketing efforts digitally as people spend more time browsing the Internet. There are a lot of ways you can market online, and it can sometimes get overwhelming and confusing where to go to effectively promote your brand.

To help you choose the best digital marketing strategies for your business, we will talk about the five most effective digital marketing channels you can try, along with defining what digital marketing is, its benefits, and a case study. We hope that after reading this article, you will know which digital marketing channels to focus on to effectively promote your business.

Digital Marketing Defined

Digital marketing is a broad term used for various types of marketing online and through electronic devices. Most people have this assumption that digital marketing is limited to online marketing, but it goes beyond that. It also includes text and instant messaging, podcasts, electronic billboards, apps, many others.

Digital marketing typically happens in real time, so you can immediately analyse your campaigns, content, and other marketing strategies. Doing so allows you to identify which campaigns work and do not. You can then quickly adjust your campaigns to make them more effective.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The list of the benefits of digital marketing is long, but the following are the common ones that many businesses want to achieve:

  • Has global reach
  • Provides personalization capabilities
  • Is highly targetable
  • Allows businesses to interact with their target markets in real time
  • Reaches potential clients at the early stages of a buyer’s journey
  • Offers a straight communication path between customers and businesses
  • Provides high return on investment
  • Gives instant and measurable results
  • Is cost-effective
  • Provides continuous online presence

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels

Each business has different needs. It is, therefore, important to use the right digital marketing channels that can best cater to your marketing needs. The following are key factors to consider:

  • How much is your budget?
  • Who and where is your target market?
  • What are your goals in marketing?
  • What are your business goals?
  • What is your brand?

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels

Each digital marketing channel plays a different role in providing a solution to your business. Therefore, it is important to understand how each works to help promote your brand.

The following are trending in many businesses and have showed excellent results in increasing sales and revenue:

1. Content Marketing

Your content determines the quality of your business, and marketing it allows people to know if what you are offering is useful to them. If your content is rich and attractive, you most likely attract more leads that can become potential buyers.  

Promotional content pieces include blog posts, news, white papers, webinars, case studies, checklists, video content, and infographics. Any of these pieces can become your key in content marketing if it is effective in talking to your target market. 

Make sure to continuously produce content, especially blog posts, so you stay relevant and up to date.

2. Email Marketing 

What is interesting about email marketing is it sends highly relevant content to peoples’ inboxes in a non-invasive way. Once people decide to subscribe to your promotional emails, you consistently stay in touch with them as you inform them of your promotional offers and upcoming events. This is a great way to increase your sales and customers.

One excellent and effective way to consistently deliver relevant content through email is sending people newsletters, either monthly or weekly. This way, you can inform your target market of your tips, updates, and latest news.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing has gained a huge popularity nowadays as it helps create brand awareness and increase traffic and conversions. Creating videos about your brand and campaigns attracts readership and conversions.

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms where you can upload original videos about your campaigns. Many famous influencers are using this platform to constantly connect to their audience and gain more subscribers.

You can also upload your campaign videos on your social media channels to generate high social views and sharing. This will increase your opportunity to convert viewers into buyers and increase your viewers’ interest in your brand.

Entertaining yet rich video content is key to your success in video marketing.

4. SEO & PPC

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) work closely together. SEO allows your website to rank on search engines, so people can find you easily online.

When people use keywords to find answers to their questions, you have answers to these questions, and they find you quickly, the chances of converting these people into buyers are high. If they think you can provide solutions to their problems, you will have high returns.

PPC allows you to position your ad at the top of searches, so people can easily click it and go to your website. You are buying site visitors instead of gaining visits organically.

How it works on search engines is you bid for a position in sponsored links of a search engine based on a keyword related to their offer. For example, if you bid on “PPC tool”, your ad will appear at the top of the search results page.

You will only be charged for the fee if a visitor clicks on your ad through the sponsored links. If you think SEO and PPC works best as a digital marketing strategy for your brand, make sure to use keywords wisely.

5. Social Media Marketing

The influence of social media on digital marketing is huge. Many businesses are maximizing the use of their social media channels to extend their marketing efforts.

You can grow customers quickly if you create original content like videos and blogs and share it on your social media channels. People can also interact with you through comments and direct messages.

If social media marketing is a method that works for you best, make sure to produce content that is entertaining, educational, and up to date. Aim to make your content trending, so people will talk about it and become more interested in your brand.

A Digital Marketing Case Study for Aerus

CMA, a marketing, communications, and association management firm, carried out a campaign for Amerlux, a manufacturer of LED lighting. Amerlux was launching its new product called Aerus, which is designed for low-ceiling establishments or properties.

Amerlux used different digital marketing methods to promote Aerus, such as:

  • A landing page on a paid media campaign
  • Blogs on social media
  • Blogs with links to resources
  • Amerlux website
  • SEO

After one week of the campaign, the data for digital marketing were analysed, and CMA was able to determine which methods needed adjustments. After making the necessary changes, there was a 30% traffic increase for Amerlux.

The result from the case study only shows that digital marketing is a quick and effective way to boost your marketing efforts.


It is clear that digital marketing is effective in promoting your brand in different ways. You only need to utilize which of the most effective digital marketing channels mentioned earlier work for your business best.

If you think that you can generate more leads and conversions on social media, then social media and video marketing might be best for you. If you think that your written content is your best marketing asset, then email, content, and SEO and PPC marketing might be the best options for you.

So, plan your campaigns now and evaluate carefully which of the most effective digital marketing channels will give you the best results!

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