We Show You 3 Easy Ways to Check The Current WordPress Version

Looking to update your WordPress but not entirely sure it is outdated? Checking your current WordPress version is quite easy, and you have a few ways to do it. In this article, we are going to talk about what these methods are, so you can easily view your WordPress version any time!

How to Check Your Current WordPress Version

Why Regular Checking of the WordPress Version Is Important

WordPress is a platform that continuously develops and grows. Because of this, WordPress never stops to provide users its new features that boost website security and performance further. This is the reason users must also keep up with the platform’s changes by updating their website version regularly, so they take advantage of WordPress’s maximum benefits.

The WordPress version also influences the compatibility of the plugins and themes, so updating your website regularly allows you to try new tools and designs. But, before you do this, make sure to check the current version first, so you know if you need an update or not. There are three ways you can try:

Check WordPress Version in the Admin Area

Go to your Dashboard menu and select Updates. If there are plugins or themes that need to be updated, you can see that in the page like this one:

WordPress Dashboard

If everything is up to date, you will see this page like this:

current wordpress version

Check WordPress Version in the Page Source

Go to your website and right click anywhere on the page. Select View page source.

View Page Source

You will be directed to the meta tag of your website. From there, use your keyboard to find the website version by pressing ctrl+F. Type “generator” on the search box.

Check current wordpress version in html

Check WordPress Version in the version.php File in Your Control Panel

Log in to your control panel and go to File Manager under Files.

File Manager

Go to your public_html directory and select wp-includes.

view wp config

Press ctrl+F on your keyboard and type this “wp_version” on the search box to find the version of your WordPress.

version php

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How to Hide WordPress version on the Meta Tag

Although checking your WordPress version through the meta tag is convenient, it is also risky for hacking. Hackers can easily attack your website if they know you have not updated your WordPress version.

You can, however, hide the version information on your meta tag. To do this, go to Appearance from your Dashboard menu and select Theme Editor.

On the right side of your screen, you will see the Theme Files section. Look for the functions.php file, or Theme Functions (functions.php), and paste this code at the bottom:

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

Click Update File to save the changes.

Update File


Knowing your WordPress version can be done by checking it in the admin area, page source, or control panel. Each method provides simple and simple steps that take only more or less than a minute.

Look at your WordPress version now and perform necessary updates as soon a s possible.  

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