Car Repair Web Design

Car Repair Web Design: Building Websites for Car Repair Businesses

If you have a car repair business but do not have a car repair website yet, here is something worth mulling over: an AutoMD research revealed that over three quarters of car owners go online to look for reviews as well as detailed information about repairs and its cost.

This means if you are in the car repair business, you should consider creating a car repair business website an absolute must! We at Innzone Hosting understand how challenging it can be to create an attractive, functional, and well-optimised website if you are not tech-savvy or you do not have the time and resources.

Fortunately, this is a task we can easily take on! Discover some of the services we offer to get your car repair website up and running!

1. Web Hosting 

Your car repair website is made up of computer files. These files must “live” somewhere. And this is where we come in!

Fast, secure, and reliable, we are trusted by over 20, 000 websites worldwide (and counting!). That said, you can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best in terms of web hosting.

We also have an in-house support team that is available 24/7, and they can attend to whatever queries, issues, and concerns you may have about our web hosting service.

Superior and dependable, our web hosting service starts at 2.95 GBP per month and includes the following features:

  • Free migrations
  • cPanel control panel 
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Cloudflare plans
  • 10 GB SSD disk space
  • 10 email accounts
  • 2 websites to host
  • 10 GB data transfer

2. Web Design 

At Innzone Hosting, we know a superior website is the first step needed to capture a client’s attention. With that in mind, we aim to create a website that will best represent your car repair shop and highlight your edge over the competition.

Included in our Website Design are 10 feature written blog posts that detail your services and are tailored to your location so your local customers can find you.

And since most people now use mobile devices to access sites, we will also create a mobile-friendly website that is easily accessible by everyone, even those that are on the go. We are also well-aware of the importance of generating organic traffic and ranking high on the searches, so we will cover that as well!

You can take advantage of our web design service for £699 , but you have the option to pay it on an instalment basis for 6 months for £116.50 each month. 

3. WordPress Hosting 

WordPress hosting gives you access to products, resources, tools, and support, so you can manage your WordPress website with ease.

Our WordPress hosting is not only secure, fast, and reliable, but you will also enjoy one-click installs, automatic updates, and secure and easy hosting!

Our WordPress also comes with a free SSL and FREE domain name for the first year.

4. Domain Name 

Choosing the best domain name for your business is a huge decision. If truth be told, your domain name is more than just words that you type into the browser. Your domain name is the foundation of your online identity.

Pick a wrong domain name and you will end up doing your car repair business a disservice. Choose the right domain name and you will make your site a cut above the rest.

Here at Innzone Hosting, you can easily secure your domain by registering it with us! If you already have the perfect domain for your car repair business, we can help you build a website for it!   

5. Email Hosting 

Nothing sends the right message and builds trust than a professional email address for your car repair business. Since we know how important building credibility is for your business, we also offer email hosting.

If you are just starting out, our starter plan starts at 1.99 GBP per month. If you are in the process of growing an online presence, our advanced plan would be perfect for you!

Some of the perks you will enjoy include:

  • Free migrations
  • Free SSL certificates
  • cPanel control panel
  • WebMail access
  • POP/IMAP ready
  • 5 GB data transfer
  • 5 GB SSD disk space
  • 5 email accounts

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