The Anatomy of a Great Business Website

To create a great business website, you must know its basic structure. Your site’s anatomy plays a crucial role on how your website should be presented. Having the right site structure helps create a better customer experience and a strong online presence. To help you know the anatomy of a great business website, here are the things you need to take note of:

1. Header

As the name implies, your website’s header is the top area of your web pages. It is the whole section above each page’s fold. It contains your logo, tagline, menu bar, and About Us and Contact Us pages. The appearance of your header plays an important role in creating an excellent impression from your site viewers. If it is clean and eye-catching, most site visitors are encouraged to explore the rest of your website. 

2. Navigation

Your site’s layout is key to creating a great customer experience. Your business website should be easy to read and understand for the average readers. It should contain a menu option and search bar that site viewers can directly click or type keywords into to help them find what they are looking for quickly. Your theme is key here. You should use a theme that is simple and easy to navigate. 

3. Key Information

These are critical pieces of information about your products and services, company, and other important details about your business. You can place them in widgets and sidebars, so they look more presentable. It is best to place the key information at your homepage’s upper half, also known as above the fold, so site viewers can easily see it. 

4. Compelling Images

Images on your site add more colour and life to the overall presentation of your website. They include featured images of your posts, image header, and even sidebar images. They should also be of high quality, so they look professional and engaging. When placed properly, the images can help you increase sales and boost customer engagement.

5. Call to Action

A call to action is always an effective way to encourage site visitors to take action when visiting your business website. You can have multiple calls to action, which can be presented with buttons. You can add Buy Now, Learn More, or Sign Up buttons depending on what service you promote. 

6. Footer

If you have a header, you should also have a footer. The footer is placed at the bottom of your every page. It should have your contact information, social media buttons, copyright information, newsletter sign-up, and navigation links. It is the spot on your website that site viewers will go to for your contact information.

7. Pages

Regardless of the type of website you will be creating, there are important pages to include. These pages play an essential role in providing site viewers with information about your products and services, company, and blogs. Typically, you can have Contact Us, Blog, Products or Services, and About Us pages.

8. Customer Testimonials

To get your prospects’ trust easily, having a section for customer testimonials is important. Positive reviews help generate more leads and convert them quickly. Your credibility as a business will also increase as you present more positive reviews from existing customers.

9. Responsive Design

Technically, a responsive design is not entirely about the visible part of your website. It is more on the feel and experience of your site visitors upon navigating your website. You should have a theme that is responsive for all types of screens. This way, you do not only improve customer experience but also SEO performance for your website


Creating a great business website always starts from understanding the anatomy of it. If you do, you know what content to place and clearly visualize how you want your website to look like. You can also conceptualize a website that is responsive and user-friendly to increase customer experience and SEO performance. Now that you know the parts of a great business website, it is time you do your part in planning a professional, eye-catching, and personalized site!    

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