Build Links to Grow Your Business!

I believe that “link building is the life or death of a website”. Why? You need links for your website to help increase site traffic or generate income whether you offer services or run an affiliate site. Interested to know more about link building? Let me talk about that here!

Who Am I? 

I am Dan Ray, and I offer link building training to help you achieve your business goals. Before I became successful with my business, I went through many challenges to build my website and to generate the number of leads I wanted. 

It took me a ton of refinement and fine tuning before I finally created a process that works well for me and my business. 

About My Services

For my link building training, I created a system that will help beginners start their link building business successfully. First, I will give you the project tracking documents that provide you with many “link type” targets to make sure your projects go to plan. 

Next, I will train you on 20 different link types, plus specialty link types, to achieve maximum results. Lastly, I will provide you with hiring guides to let you know where and how to hire your team, making sure each of them is key to running your business. 

What is interesting about my training offer is you can try a free trial to check my system, helping you evaluate if this is right for you.

I offer ongoing support in my Facebook group that you can apply to gain access. Once you are a member, you will learn the best knowledge I gained from my experience. The group is vibrant and there are many people that will help you along your journey. 

I have a waiting list to join my Facebook group. This is for my monthly membership program. 

Aside from link building, I also offer the following services:

  • Provide training to find you customers and staff
  • Business Coaching (starting, launching, and expanding a business)     

Why Did I Come to Innzone Hosting?

I came to Innzone Hosting in 2018. They provide me with website stability and speed. They are a web hosting company that understands that page loading speed is important in keeping a site rising in the rankings.

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that can give you the benefits I just mentioned, Innzone Hosting is what you need!

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