Top 5 WordPress Page Builders with a Drag and Drop Functionality

Are you looking for an easy way to build your own website in WordPress? Do you prefer a method that does not require coding? We understand your frustration! Therefore, we recommend using a WordPress page builder. The tool can help you create a website in minutes without the need for coding or hiring a web developer.

WordPress page builders come in different styles, and to make website building even easier, there are types with a drag and drop feature. To help you narrow down your search for the best WordPress builder, we will present the top 5 site builder plugins in this article. So, let us get to know each in detail below!

Why Should You Use Page Builders with a Drag and Drop Feature?

Before we introduce you to the best WordPress builders, let us discuss why you need one in the first place.

Designing your website in WordPress varies on your chosen theme. Premium themes provide you with multiple customizations that can be complex for users without a coding background. This is why the drag and drop page builders are helpful. Using the tool can help you create a professional and attractive website easily.

You can add content through widgets, modules, and blocks. You can also arrange, move, and customize elements of your content with ease. What is even interesting is you do not need to know coding to do all these. Web developers use custom design software like Adobe Premiere Pro, so they can cater to more customers.  

Now that you know the benefits of using the best WordPress builder, let us move on to the top 5 list:

1. Elementor 

WordPress Elementor

Elementor is a popular WordPress plugin for page building as it provides you with more than 80 design elements to increase site traffic. It also allows you to customize your site with a few clicks and has an intuitive interface. The plugin offers ready-to-use templates and lets you import a template.

Elementor is responsive on all screens and updated regularly as well. It comes in free and paid versions.  

2. Themify Builder 

WordPress Themify Builder

Themify Builder supports any WordPress theme and has over 40 professional templates and a huge collection of modules. You can customize your pages through the frontend and backend as well. The plugin also lets you create grids and arrange modules in columns and rows.

It provides more than 60 animation effects to make your every page visually engaging. It is a free plugin, but you can purchase their Addon Bundle to get more advanced features. 

3. Visual Composer Website Builder

WordPress Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder provides you with a live editor that allows you to see the changes you made in real time. It lets you click on any area of your page to edit content. The plugin also gives you a collection of professional templates that you can use. 

It allows you to have control over parallax effects, background, borders, spaces, and others. You can even edit your sidebars, logo, menus, footer, and header with this plugin. It comes in free and premium options as well. 

4. The Divi Builder

WordPress The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder lets you preview your changes on your web page. You can edit spacing, sizing, colours, and fonts and make page layouts. It also gives you 46 content elements that you can edit for every page easily.

The plugin provides you with 20 pre-made templates and lets you create, save, import, and export layouts as well. This is a paid page builder that you can use for any type of WordPress theme. 

5. Beaver Builder

WordPress Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder also offers a real-time preview as you make changes. You can create and edit content modules and a landing page in minutes. Each module gives you a user-friendly toolbar that you can configure. 

Beaver Builder also has 30 pre-made templates that allow you to easily replace images and content. It is Gutenberg-ready and fully responsive. It offers free and paid versions that you can choose from. 


Choosing the best WordPress builder entirely depends on your needs. If you think the free version can already cater to your needs, then you can opt for it. However, we highly recommend going for the premium ones as they offer more features that can boost the performance of your website even further. So, pick from our list of top page builders now and build a website easily and quickly!

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