14 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020

When creating an online store, nothing beats the WordPress and WooCommerce combo. After all, both are not only straightforward to use, but they also offer levels of functionality that are nothing short of impressive. 

Nowadays, there is no shortage of eye-catching WooCommerce themes that are also designed to take the online shopping experience to the next level. If you are looking for the best WooCommerce theme to use, the following 14 themes should rank high on your list:

1. Astra WooCommerce Theme

If you want a clean-looking theme that will boost sales and make your products pop, Astra is your best bet. This awesome WooCommerce theme also comes with several visually appealing templates you can use.

Thanks to its infinite scroll feature, Astra provides a seamless product showcase experience. Not only that, Astra also has a grid layout and responsive design, so you can customise the design with utmost ease.

Other features that make Astra a great choice: drag-and-drop editor, beautiful typography, header layout options, and child themes.

2. OceanWP

An eCommerce-ready theme, OceanWP has dozens of demos that are designed for all types of online businesses. Its premade websites are designed to be fully responsive. In other words, your online store will look visually appealing on any device.

OceanWP also has a floating bar that ensures your add-to-cart button is always visible without ruining the user experience. This theme also provides a quick view, so visitors can see detailed information about a product without visiting another page. 

In essence, OceanWP comes with a vast range of capabilities, so you will not need to use a lot of plugins just to enhance your online store’s performance. This theme is free to use. However, if you want to access more features, price can range from $39 to $129 annually.

3. Ultra

Ultra is considered one of the best WooCommerce themes. It has over 60 premade layouts, not to mention lots of features that can turn a site into a one-of-a kind online store. The smart layouts also allow you to customise the sections of your site to suit your needs.

Ultra also comes with elements that can make your store stand out like background videos and animations. Ultra also has a great feature that allows you to display attractive background colours anywhere on your site.

4. Storefront

If you prefer a simple and clean design that is free for you to use, then Storefront is your best option. This theme also comes with a lot of white space, so your products become the centre of attention.

The theme also showcases many top-rated products to build customer trust. It is also an effective way to influence your customers’ purchase decisions. Storefront also has a blog section, so your chances of ranking on SERPs and driving more traffic to your online store is higher.

5. Nozama

For online stores that sell electronic devices and large online businesses, Nozama is considered one of the best options available. This WooCommerce theme is highly customisable, easy-to-use, and fully responsive.

Nozama also offers a multitude of appearances as well as unlimited colours, making it easy to design every aspect of your store without using any code. While the lite version of Nozama is free, you have the option to pick one of its plans to get access to other amazing features.

6. Hestia Pro

If you are looking for a way to create an attractive and professional-looking frontpage for your online store, Hestia Pro would be right for you. This WooCommerce theme comes with two pre-built store designs to choose from. 

Hestia Pro also comes with a customisable pricing section that is designed to showcase your products and pricing plans upfront. The theme also provides a search option on the shop page, so online visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

7. Shoptimizer

This speed-optimised WordPress WooCommerce theme provides all the features and tools you need to create an outstanding store. It gives you the option to clear the header, sidebars, or footer, so it is simple and free from distraction.

Shoptimizer also offers a feature that allows visitors to request a call from the business owner. This feature is beneficial for those online stores that are selling complex products as it gives customers the option to get answers to questions they would like to ask.

8. Velure

For those who have a clothing line, Velure is considered their best bet. This WooCommerce theme also comes with some modern features as well as unique custom widgets, so you can easily compress your online store visitors.

One of its most unique tools is its Instagram widget which showcases your Instagram feed in various layouts (whether as a sidebar widget or a full-width bar). Velure also supports over 100 social networks, thereby allowing you to easily add any social icons to your website.

9. Fashionable Store

If you have a fashion store and you want a clean-looking theme, this theme is worth looking into. This minimalist web design is made especially for online shoe shops and clothing stores. What is even better is it is free!

Fashionable Store also allows you to showcase your products using the slider feature, so you are not limited in terms of the number of items you want to display. It also comes with a compact card page, so your visitors will have a clear view of what they have in the cart as well as the potential shipping fees.

10. Sabino

This elegant WooCommerce theme comes bundled with a lot of customisation options. Thanks to its multipurpose theme, Sabino can make any online store look great, regardless if it is a restaurant or a beauty store.

Sabino also comes with several product page designs, so you can highlight your products and increase conversions effectively. It also comes with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder, so users with no coding knowledge can modify any sections with ease.

11. Neto

Another amazing web design that is made primarily for online retailers is Neto. Stunning, with plenty of custom widgets, this WooCommerce theme gives users the luxury to build an online store that is totally unique.

With its pre-built visual page builder, you can easily create an extended description for each product. Aside from the option to provide all the details visitors might want to know, it also gives you the option to display products that are on sale on the homepage.

12. Wellness Pro

If your online business focuses on well-being and health, this is one of the best options available for you. Wellness Pro comes with a multi-page web design that allows you to put your logo and slogan at the top of your site where it is highly visible.

With its attractive parallax effects, Wellness Pro can make your online store appear engaging and dynamic. The web design also uses a sticky bar where you can display a special message like a discount code.

13. Hugo

This theme has a header slider feature that allows you to display high-quality product photos on your site. This theme also comes with a subscription form that encourages visitors to submit their email addresses in exchange for a special offer.

Hugo also comes with a stylebook section that showcases your best products on the homepage. When a visitor clicks on one of the images, they will be brought to the product page.

14. Presence

This multipurpose theme can be used for various businesses like real estate, hotels, and organic shops. It comes with a live customiser, so changing theme elements and getting a preview is easy.

Presence also comes with multiple header layouts, so you can change the header style easily using the customiser. It also comes with three slider styles, so you can display featured products or content on the homepage.


The appearance of your online store is crucial to your conversions. Therefore, it should be a top priority. That said, make sure you choose the theme that suits your needs. With all the amazing WooCommerce themes on our list, finding the best one should be effortless.

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