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If you’re considering using a WooCommerce theme, below are 14 of the best options available at your disposal.

14 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020

WooCommerce and WordPress make the best combination if you want to create a fully functional eCommerce website. WooCommerce also comes with many eye-catching themes that are designed to make online shopping better.

With so many exciting features, it’s no surprise WooCommerce is wildly popular. To date, it has been installed 5 million times. If you’re considering using a WooCommerce theme, below are 14 of the best options available at your disposal.

1. Online Shop Pro

Regardless of the type of business you intend to start, this awesome theme has all the features you need to create a great online store. Since it’s a multipurpose theme, it allows you to change the web design into a multipage or one-page site, depending on what you deem fit.

Online Shop Pro also comes with a one-click import tool that can ensure set up is quick and straightforward. It also comes with a social media integration that allows users to add their social media accounts to their stores. The regular license for this theme is $55.

2. Ultra

Ultra is one of the most popular WooCommerce themes available. It offers 60 premade layouts and several features that can transform any site into a great online store. The smart layout options of Ultra also allows you to customise all the sections of your site to suit your needs.

Ultra is bundled with five different post layouts (split, default, gallery, slider, and full-width). This WooCommerce theme also gives you access to tons of attractive elements including background videos and animations. The regular license fee for Ultra is $12. 

3. Nozama

If you own a huge online store selling electronic devices, this is one of the best WooCommerce themes you can look into. Nozama is easy to use, highly customisable, and fully responsive. It also gives you the option to customise your storefront so you can provide visitors with a great online shopping experience.

Nozama also makes it effortless to design every element of your online store by giving you access to multiple appearances and colours. The lite version of this awesome WooCommerce theme is free. If you want to enjoy all its tools, their plan starts at $34.30.

4. Shoptimizer

This speed-optimised WooCommerce theme has tons of tools and features that can help you design a standout online store. Shoptimizer also gives you the option to add testimonials and trust badges anywhere on your site. This theme also allows online visitors to request a call from the store owner.

Shoptimizer also comes equipped with a sticky bar that keeps the add-to-cart option in view as visitors scroll through your page. This is done to encourage conversions even on pages with lost content. Using Shoptimizer plus a year of support and updates will cost $49.

5. Fashionable Store

If you want a clean-looking and polished theme for your fashion store, this is one of the best options you can look into. Fashionable Store has a minimalist web design that’s made primarily for online shoe shops and clothing stores. It also allows you to showcase products and not limit the number of items that can be displayed.

This theme also comes with a compact cart page that provides customers with a clear view of what’s in the cart alongside the potential shipping fees. Fashionable stores also have a responsive mini cart design that updates each time you add or delete an item. What’s even more amazing? It’s totally free!

6. Neto

Another amazing theme that’s well-loved by online retailers is Neto. Stunning and flexible, Neto also comes with custom widgets that gives users the luxury to build an online store that’s truly unique. With a pre-built visual page builder, you will have an option to create an extended description for all your products.

Neto also gives you the luxury to display products that are on sale on the homepage. This can draw potential customers in significantly as many people love discounts. Neto also has an order tracking section that allows customers to track their orders using their billing email or order ID. The pricing plan for Neto can range from $34.30 to $174.30.

7. Hugo

Hugo is a great WooCommerce theme that’s also massively popular among online fashion retailers. This theme also has a header slider feature that allows you to showcase product photos that are of high quality. Hugo also comes with a subscription form that encourages visitors to provide their email address and they will get a special offer in return.

Hugo also has a stylebook section that showcases the products you want to highlight on the homepage. Each time the customer clicks on one of the images, they will be directed to the product page. If you are considering using Hugo, you can get a year of support for only $34.30.

8. Presence

This is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that’s considered ideal for real estates, hotels, and organic shops. It also has a live customiser that allows you to change theme elements so they will get an immediate preview. Presence also comes with three slider styles so you can display featured products or content on the homepage.

Presence also has a team members section you can use to introduce people who are on your team by adding their job desk and image. This flexible and highly customisable WooCommerce theme is priced at $79.

9. Indigo

This WooCommerce theme is fully customisable and comes with amazing premade designs which can help add an exciting and dynamic vibe to your site. While suitable for other sites, it is especially ideal for those that sell services online. Indigo also offers various pricing table styles that lets you display multiple pricing plans on your online store.

What makes Indigo a favorite is it allows you to highlight your services, features, and points of interest. Indigo also comes with a back to top button that allows visitors to go back to the top of the web page with just a simple click. Using Indigo will cost you $129, including a year of support and updates.

10. eStore

If you are looking for a minimalist and responsive WooCommerce theme, this theme should rank high in your list. The eStore is also optimised for SEO and speed which makes it a fantastic option for drop shipping businesses. eStore also has a Wishlist feature that allows you to add items on their wishlist prior to making a purchase.

eStore also gives visitors the luxury to remove products easily without needing to go back to the checkout page first. What’s even better is eStore is free and can be downloaded and used at any time.

11. Multishop

If giving your visitors the best shopping experience is a priority, you can never go wrong with Multishop. With its robust functions, Multishop will not only make online stores look attractive, it can also help increase its conversion rate dramatically. Multishop also provides four options when it comes to displaying product details—grouped, affiliate, standard, and variable.

Multishop also has a quick view feature that can help customers see information about the products without having to leave the page. Using Multishop plus a year of support is priced at $59.

12. Pepper+

Pepper+ is one of the best options for cafes or restaurants. Elegant and flexible, this WooCommerce theme also comes with tons of attractive page layouts which allows you to create a stand out site minus the hassles of coding. This awesome theme also comes with six call-to-action styles so you can choose which one will suit your business needs best.

Pepper+ also comes with a WooCommerce page builder theme that has an infobox section. It will allow you to display important information while allowing visitors to skim through the site quickly. Pepper+’s starting plan is at $129.

13. Bishop

Bishop is a wonderful choice for those who want to build any kind of store. Apart from being attractive, Bishop is fully responsive and easy to use. With its SEO optimisation and filtering options, Bishop makes managing content effortless. The page builder has a translation available and is also retina ready.

Bishop also comes equipped with a currency switcher and is compatible with all browsers so you can support customers the world over. The theme costs $58, including unlimited domains and a year of support.

14. Divi

If you are looking for a versatile WooCommerce theme that will give you total design control, Divi is for you. Divi’s drag and drop page builder makes it very easy to delete, add, and move elements around your website. The live customiser also allows you to design your page in real-time.

Beautiful, responsive, and with tons of elements and design features, Divi can help you manage custom designs and undo, redo, or view your editing history. Get easy access to the theme for only $89 a year. You can also opt for a lifetime access of $249.


Believe it or not, the appearance of your website can have a massive impact on your sales and conversions. That said, you need to take your time picking the most attractive theme (with all the features your business needs), if you want to be a step ahead of everyone else.

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