5 of the Best Skilled Trade Businesses to Try

Have you thought about starting a skilled trade business? If you have not, this is the right opportunity for you to do so during this pandemic period. Skilled trades can be obtained through specialized training, a technical school, or college. Skilled trades people are one of the hardest to find. 

The skilled trade business is also unique because most of the tradesmen are the older generation. Those who just came out of the labour force or will enter retirement may want to invest in the best skilled trades. Skilled trades are also best suited for starters in the business industry and those who want to be self-employed. To know the best trade business to start, here are the top 5 to try:

1. Welders

Welders are basically skilled people who join separate metal parts together. They use different types of tools to join or cut metal parts. They are also in demand in many industries, such as:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Metal fabrication
  • Oil and gas
  • Forestry
  • Auto repair
  • Construction

One major advantage of a welding business is the ability to travel, even to remote areas, to fix metal parts. Becoming a skilled welder needs specialized training and apprenticeship to get certified. 

2. Plumbers

Plumbers have always been in demand. They repair, install, and design water disposal systems, piping, and other related home fixtures. The demand for plumbers will remain strong as they are needed in many types of home and commercial establishments. Training and apprenticeship may require several years before certification. 

3. Masons

Masons deal with different types of concrete, stones, and bricks to create walkways, patios, and walls. Highly skilled masons will remain strong in terms of demand as people need them for both residential and commercial uses. Like the other skilled trade jobs, becoming a mason requires several years of training. If you want to start a business in this field, you or your employees must be physically strong as the job requires lifting heavy materials.

4. Heating Engineers

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration are essential for the maintenance, repair, or installation of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems for residential and commercial uses. It is one of the most profitable skilled trade businesses that will always be in demand. What is interesting about this industry is any of the systems mentioned needs regular maintenance after installation. So, continuous income is expected.

5. Electricians

Electricians repair, maintain, install, and design electronic and electrical control systems for industrial, commercial, and residential uses. They can be anywhere where there is a need for electronic or electrical control systems, but most of them are working in construction sites. Like other skills and trades on our list, electricians need 3 years to get a full license.


With this list of the best skilled trade businesses, you will have better knowledge of which industries are most profitable. You can undergo training if you want to do the job yourself or hire skilled tradesmen to create a team. Either way, it is important to do your research first on which industry you can operate well. So, choose the best trade business to start now and become in demand!   

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