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Keeping a stable economy relies on the economic and financial stability of businesses and working individuals of a nation. Without proper management methodologies, this stability can easily break, resulting in economic devastation. But we can always prevent this from happening. Let me show you how.

Who Is Optness?

Optness is a company formed who aim to teach proven leadership and management methodologies to MBAs and other high-level executives. I, Andres Berte, founded Optness in 2008, the time of the worst economic crisis in history. 

In that year, we saw thousands of business closing and economies falling apart. My team and I were touched by the effect of the great crisis, so we did something to help people, that is, building Optness.

Our mission is to aid people in avoiding bankruptcy, saving their jobs, and achieving their goals.

About the Training Programs We Offer  

Optness proposes practical crash courses taught in one weekend, so participants can apply the techniques on Monday the following week. We will provide mentoring support for the entire week to guide you further.

Our training programs cover three types of management, that is, for MBAs, companies, and non-profit organizations.

For MBAs, our topics include:

  • Marketing excellence
  • Quality management
  • Process improvement
  • Big data 
  • Data analytics
  • Voice of consumers
  • Capability
  • Performance excellence
  • Project management
  • Lean, six sigma
  • Decision-making

These topics can help bridge the gap between on-the-job expectations and academic training. You will be in a boot camp for 2 days (weekend) where you will receive a Green Belt certificate to boost your portfolio.  

For companies, we help boost your business by making sure you are equipped with cutting-edge organization methodologies with behavioral skills and powerful analytics. We develop your business through:

  • Expanding your company
  • Developing new products
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing costs and expenses
  • Increasing sales

We also develop your people by teaching you to:

  • Resolve and negotiate conflicts
  • Manage energy and resilience
  • Manage teams
  • Speak in public professionally
  • Make unbiased decisions

For non-profit organizations, we help you improve results by applying powerful methodologies where they are needed. We make sure to provide professionals and consultants with huge experience and training to guide you. 

This will make you more committed to the cause of your organization and let you have a technique to increase your turnover.

Testimonies from Students Worth to Highlight

Many MBAs who took our programs said their critical thinking and analytical skills have improved. Others also stated that we are using a practical approach to expand horizons to industrial processes.

Some students of our programs mentioned that we have a clear methodology to deal with real-life challenges. A few of them shared that the knowledge they gained from our courses gave them an edge in their careers when making decisions and solving problems.

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