6 Key Traits to Be Self-Employed Successfully

Creating your own business is an enticing alternative to being unemployed or to the job you do not like. If you are running your own business, there is a long list of advantages for it compared with working for someone else. Despite these benefits, it is important to remind yourself that challenges are still there. You will experience good and slow months and frustrations.

If you want to be self-employed, you must develop some key traits that can help you become successful. These traits will also help you grow into a person you want to be. So, let us get to know these personal characters below!

1. Risk Taker

Regardless of how well prepared you are, you cannot guarantee that your target sales and revenue for a certain period will be reached. Problems and challenges may come your way, and depending on how fast you deal with them, you may or may not achieve your target goals for the next months or even a few years. Even if you have clients who like your products and services, you will never know when they are thinking of moving to your competitors. 

For the reasons above, you must be prepared to take risks when situations change. If clients decide to let go of you for some reason, find out why and enhance your strategy. This means changing what you already have that is working to get your old clients back.

2. Consistent

If you want to be self-employed, you must be prepared to put all your energy into operating your business. You need this because you must be focused on staying consistent in everything you do. You should let your customers and prospects see that you are consistently devoting your attention, talent, and resources to serve them. You can hire remote resources to help you deal with your workload and support you as you stay consistent in delivering client work. 

3. Forward Thinker or Open-Minded

Starting a successful business requires your expertise in setting up both short- and long-term goals in your business plan. However, as you operate your business, you might realize that the original plan you created will need adjustments. 

When you make adjustments, be sure that you remain true to your ultimate goal. Be open to change your methods in achieving your goals. Remember that what matters most is your end goal, not the process to get there.

4. Salesman

Being a salesman is a great advantage if you want to be self-employed. You will need to reach out to prospects and clients through verbal or written communications. Because of this, you must always sound enticing and engaging. 

You will also need a website to market your brand in the best way you can. This requires excellent sales skills to effectively achieve your target returns. Most of your prospects will say no, so you must prepare how to convince them to prioritize your products and services. 

5. Self-Motivated

When you operate your own business, one of your major responsibilities is creating an action plan of what you should do next. This includes setting short- and long-term goals. No one will plot your schedule for client appointments because it is you who will do it. 

For these reasons, you will need as much self-motivation as you need. Your responsibilities are bigger, so you need that drive and passion to always move forward. 

6. Flexible

If you want to be self-employed, be prepared to work on different schedules. This depends on the client appointments, meeting with employees, or distribution of goods. Your day will have unpredictable tasks that you need to finish for that day only. 

Along the way, you will also encounter unforeseen crises that would require you to change business methods. You must be flexible enough to apply changes to your plans to overcome problems.  


If you want to be self-employed, you need to develop all these traits to be successful. They are key to overcome challenges, be innovative, and help you grow both personally and professionally. So, start developing these key traits now and achieve success with flying colours!

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